Exploring Veronica

To get inside Veronica, Veronica out of oxygen. Who would not be complex and
conflicted, out of breath? How to be exhausted and not show it. To have a sense of
self as a machine and how that machine functions. Try not to be violent, but obedient
and eat the penis as it was the best kind of fruit ever hanging in front of you. Look
like you have violence as a force of nature, there unused.

How to be believable as a sex worker? Is it so that sex worker is recognizable? A
stereotype posing a lure, alluring? Something cannot be verbalized, a thought which
is so demanding and dangerous to be spoken out loud with respect that it would ruin
something if done so.

To swallow a load, Black Rose Diamond Veronica is a dominatrix. She works in a dungeon. She is dressed in red PVC. Heels so high and black tide up her thighs. Everything is there that she needs to give a lesson and she must be obeyed for the customer to be humiliated in private.

Angelique Rubensia Urbania has voluptuous figure. Something to squeeze while she
bangs you on top. Maybe you can’t breathe under her, so it is a punishment to lie under her body. Her cunt is almost too big and it kind of swallows you up. For a prostitute to swallow usually means something else. Something which is partly humiliating, to swallow a load.

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