What makes an interesting person?

She looks like she has had a rough life, full of hardship and violence. How does that first impression make us look at her? It is a drawing from a picture of an arrested person which I found online, an elderly woman with fierce look on her face. She is not defeated, she is not surprised and she is very different from an ideal look for a woman which interests me. I don’t know who she is, what she did or what has been done to her. Her face is a story. We let our imagination wonder and wander when we let it and are able to, assumptions and stereotypes lead our thinking very easily. Feelings of contempt and repulsion, feeling of fear, of pity, wanting to judge her on the spot come so quick and toss her aside as unwanted now that she is captured.




Kuinka kokoan tuolin

kuinka kokoan tuolin
kuinka talon, miten katson sen sisään,
kuinka avaan rasiallisen pastilleja
kuinka sormeilen purjonrenkaita
kuinka avaan autonoven
kuinka se lämähtää kiinni liian kovaa eikä saisi,
kuinka katson peilistä, kuinka seison, miten kehoni on, vaatteitteni suhde massaan,
kuinka pyöreä on olkaluu
kuinka kauan ja millainen olen
kun olen koko ajan
kuinka olen
kun kohta
ja kohta johon koskin oli.