Let’s whistle, that glowing shit is flying

It was not supposed to be about real people nor real emotions, anything at all, but causing harm. What kind of people do that, call themselves gods. Well I can tell you the game is on. In full. Poor bastards, who are they talking about, who do they think they are fooling. You can be poor in many ways. It is not about money, the wealth I’m talking about. Stick that to your multigrain Cheerios.

You got to go to NY. So where do you think we will meet, at kaleidoscope? Yeah. No Flash Art. The mall. To whistle loudly at the mall, at Prisma. People looked at me like I was the lunatic cuckoo. Maybe I am. Tycker du att kvinnor har samma möjligheter som män? Jag tycker att den är ganska actuell att tänka på. Så normaltvis ju.

Does he give head?

It is good to know what is actually screwed up behaviour and what is not, eh Petra..
The nutter can be closer than you think. It is pretty scary, when you think about it.  And very sad. Which is more crazy or abnormal mass consumption, stalking or whistling as loud as you can your way through the shopping mall. Let me know when you have figured out the answer. We work hard and play hard! See the ball fly.


accomplished, so we can move on and in time forget. To volunteer to battle, did he? How much is obligation? offered himself to make peace, sacrifice of one life, he felt he had nothing to lose and much to gain, he had much love for the living and life, he felt thankful. I think he was sincere.

cruel, cruelty to look over, to pass by as you never knew, to but, raising to but my glass

we should live, not hide in corners frightened by the news, by threats

turmoil, described as weather,

as form in nature where one cannot see inside like dark forest or cave.

despondent melancholy, calling it sadness, sorrowful, cry, woe

Will to live. Will! Wiiiilllllllll!!! Will to whistle.

Selfless. When will a person become without self. Person and ego will fade. To see the process. He Isn’t himself anymore. To be looked at as Vulnerability.

potential effects added emotional vocabulary so recent

ranging from misplaced judgment,subtle to severe, but oh to hail, and,damaging
targets of national importance

to put in place Emotional mapping with tape,

tools, know ways of good,

and a framework to enable government to make decisions over the increasing militarization of the internet. potentially aggressive

Despair a feeling and lack, vital urge not fulfilled, hunger and horror put together. Needless, powerless, not wanted. There is something repulsive, foul, nasty, criminal and insane. There are different levels of hopelessness, despair as some lowest point on emotional map. Despair when person doesn’t understand that one has power and at least one choice. be Capable of, find the things one is capable of. How does that happen? What is needed that someone realizes one’s opportunities and chances in a situation when there are none seen or close by? Encouragement, example, teacher, text, kind words by someone keep us going.