Sex play number 2

Art of licking, art of fucking, art of taking your clothes off, art of sucking, art of sexting, art of seducing, art of blowing, art of moaning, art of caressing, art of kissing, art of entering, art of pushing, art of bringing pleasure, art of sharing.
How do these arts evolve and how do you dare to learn and cultivate them? Is it to see how a porno actress does it? Is it to test it yourself and imitate? An extreme sex act or just very banal asking too much, not having the balls or imagination to think what and how.
The interest is in her looks. How she looks and why she looks the way she does. What is the wrong there in her. Is it visible, removable and what is the flaw there. Is it disgusting, ridiculous, laughable. Main point is to evaluate her not yourself. She is as interesting as her looks which act (act of making a look and looking like someone to want) and thought speaks multitudes, trash or not trash, how to place her in your universe.
Idea of usableness and discarding after using makes one wonder the relation there being human and value of objects to us, valuing humans and objects, humans as objects or humans as humans, objectification and decision what and who is the object, how and why. In this world woman’s purpose is to bring pleasure when viewed, imagined and used, the ease of it and availability of her are the main issues, repetition, unchangeably, ability to have and pick one or two when it suits you. Interest lies in the feeling of having, the feeling of being able, possessing her and having won a prize in a moment and sharing that moment and act with your buddies in talk and chatter. A winning moment, having won, being strong with those who think know what women are there for.

Attractiveness is an asset, a strong one, an interesting one when investigated position and meaning of woman, sex and relations between humans in general. The person who is looked at is either interesting or not merely based on looks and how does it happen, the choosing, thinking or not thinking is in an instant, wanting sexual services, calling it fun, calling them natural urges and we behaving naturally as we should. The judgment there is upon the woman. She is not allowed to be natural but she has to be an animal. Her naturalness is too much and weird as it is too strong and wrong. It is her incapability to rise up. What is interesting in a person is that she is not a person. Personality is wiped off as there is in repeat the similar one kind womanhood, an imitation who performs sexual favours which job is seen appealing and accepted for the entertaining purposes, her having star quality and being garbage at the same time. Women for different purposes still exist as there is need to fulfil roles and needs. Women who are openly sexual, women who are the caring types and their appeal is the filling in kind. Fulfilling needs of others.

Cultural meaning of blow job is, it really has one.

To encounter the strange and not so strange desire of someone wanting to put dick in woman’s mouth, mouth of a woman, enter her mouth her body. What is a mouth other than with which we eat (no speaking?) Do you speak dirty? I have been wondering this positioning and the need for the deed which is obviously build in and there is no shame other than hers and the good she is at it, how good she is at it, doing the deed, sucking the inches. Although she will be rewarded afterwards, is the explanation. To make him king is one way to see the situation. The fantasy is a beautiful woman whose mouth is a living sewer from which an orgasm can be found as it is soft and moist making a sucking movement her knowing to mind the teeth. So it is aware but under control. Desire of putting one’s sexual organ in mouth is fulfilment which is in every porn movie and clip there is. Interesting metaphor of shutting the woman up, hear how he moans and is to come in to her mouth. In to her mouth, in to her mouth, in to her mouth, what a repetition to toy with and what does it represent is from where and how woman is looked at. What is she doing and what is she? A fantasy woman whose worth is in the giving, giving in and lowering herself to be an open mouth who willingly performs the task of a sewer sucking a load. The load vanishes and like having been in toilet man is given a relief. Woman waiting for the reward.. (I’m really trying to get into this shit, the true meaning of this train of thought.) Man cannot reveal his thoughts even though it is a moment of his, feeling of his. He acts as if he has feelings.

Why this is interesting is the positioning, banality and the one way thinking which so often goes without questioning, looking at it, facing what the need and deed is many times over. Why would we question a pleasurable sex act which so ruling it rules the porn industry, imagery, fantasies and is clearly the most wanted act maybe even for women? To think this is a valuable fantasy as it is, where is the value elsewhere than in finance, in objectification, repetition and what mouth represents and can do (on a pretty face). To think what is the visual there that is so powerful for the male.

Don’t get me wrong I am not against blow jobs. I personally resent the thought of being merely for that purpose. This is where the interest lies for me to try to analyse the connection between looks, femininity, sexual act as a favour or label, woman as a prostitute, cheap and available. But yeah, hell this is the official blowjob investigation on abstract level. Inquiries concerning random sex acts will be analysed publicly. That is fun for me, to analyse I mean. What makes you tick.

To test limits happens quite easily: limits are somewhat odd.

Testing begins when we get naked. Nudity is very badly tolerated even though art is filled with nudes, especially women. They usually are reclining nudes or bare-breasted embarrassingly trying to hide their bosom. For me I am naked even though I am fully clothed, this is the gaze and comments I get. Banning nudity online does not make it better, it makes it worse. People who have never seen a naked body seem to be on the edge and falling over, surely Finland has more open culture what comes to nudity, many people are just ashamed and scared: what happens to fragile minds in this world, to those who see naked breasts happens something out of the order, which is intolerable and wrong. To explain why and how I am porn is that I am measured and seen as a porn object always, that is the default setting and why I am for, have always been which I have to constantly fight and it is tiring. To be an underwear model would be an ideal profession for me surely. To lose 5 to ten Kilos would go perfectly with that, wouldn’t it. Taking off clothes does not make the situation much different, only that I can examine what happens and write my reply, contradict in concrete perception on female body which is shamed and too much to take because it is out of the ordinary somehow, I don’t know how that is possible.

Naked female body equals the world going out of its joints, hell breaking loose or falling down as people are dictated by their urges which tells that we are in large sense animals and respect animal urges as frightening posing a threat to humanity. Humans must be fully clothed even in art. How do we explore our body and sex obsessed culture if naked body can’t be put under microscope in public? How do we make an impact which truly changes something in our obsession, fear and loop of old ideas that do not work well in today’s world? How do we show what our culture is all about: women are not allowed to rule their bodies, women do not have right to reflect and see what happens when nudity is and female body is put in centre of the attention? Will you say how sorry you are that women are born porn stars, at least I am, was? It is not enough to say you are sorry, nothing changes. Women must be allowed to set their boundaries themselves. How do we make progress seems very hard and slow when rights of women are in the dirt. This is much about self-governance of one’s body and life.

Vastaukseni Youtubelle joka kieltää alastomat rinnat videoissa ja jäädyttää koko tilin jos osassa videoista on alastomuutta jossa näkyy rinnat:

Videoni ovat taidevideoita ja niillä käsitellään naisen kehoa ja siihen liittyvää ongelmallisuutta, jota tämä kielto on osa eli naisen alaston vartalo on pornograafinen sellaisenaan ja kielletty epäasiallisena, tyyliin imettäminen on julkisessa tilassa heikkohermoisille haitallista. Taiteessa alaston vartalo etenkin naisen vartalo on iso osa koko taidehistoriaa, joten on varsin kummallista, että vielä nykyään koetaan tarpeelliseksi verhota ja piilottaa täysin luonnollinen asia ja vielä naisen itsensä käsittelemänä, miehet ovat yleensä katsojan ja tekijän asemassa. Videoillani ei edes ole seksiä ja tarkoitukseni on juuri viitata taidehistoriaan ja miksi maalaus on eri asia kuin oikea olemassaoleva vartalo. Piirustuksissani kylläkin on varsinaista pornoa, mutta niitä en esitä Youtubessa. Tarkoitukseni on myös tuoda esille tekopyhä kulttuuri joka on hyvin seksi ja vartalokeskeinen ja vihaa naisia. Trollit ja Youtube että Google sen todella tekevät näkyväksi: naisvihan ja tekopyhyyden.

My answer to YouTube for freezing my account for showing breasts in couple of my videos: My videos are art videos and I examine female body and problematical involved what comes to women and their bodies. This ban tells that female body is pornographic as such and forbidden to see in everyday context, for example breast-feeding in public space is for many too much to take. Banning nudity in art is one reason why people have hard time understanding and tolerating nudity as normal. People have hard time with human body even though it is completely natural and should be viewed as such, not something to hide and be ashamed of. Men have been those who look, gaze, comment and view naked women sexually. In my videos there is not sex, there are breasts of mine which obviously are pornographic per se.

My meaning is to have a conversation with art history which is filled with female nudes and what these nudes have been there for on display, what is the sacred and what is abomination, unholy, why painting is different from actual real life image and why nudity is immediately about sex? My drawings and paintings do have sex in them but they too are not for gazing purposes. I examine pornography and culture which is soaked in porn on many levels, so much so it has become normal to pose like a porn star and ask for porn-like sex from a stranger online. My meaning is to question body and sex obsessed culture which still can’t look at female body without it being a disgrace, the body and the woman. It is exactly her which ought to be ashamed not men. It is hypocrisy and misogyny. This culture is kept up by trolls, YouTube and Google especially. It is ok to hurt, stalk and violate privacy but to look at nudity in art is too much to take.

selfie of going to sleep

Can you tell what is the meaning of sex? The core meaning for our existence?

Is it an instant gratification to show one’s penis to strange women? It is seen today as something else than hundred years ago. It is a bit difficult still to capture the whole meaning of the theatre of image, all of them and difficult to see the mind behind nude photos which are an empowerment culture for free sex and do what you want. Dirty and naughty that is done maybe for laughs, maybe for other reasons which surely are many. Image of a penis is not enough to turn on no matter how pretty the organ is, well-shaped, large or what direction it is pointing at.

I really want this, should probably be the answer, which makes me ask why is it so that women are perceived differently here than men. Is it the question where goes the line of acceptable and prohibited and this line must be crossed to make an effect. An unstoppable need to know one is being wanted and seen in an openly sexist way, see this, all the things done with this thing shown and more to come if you are willing. I’ll be good to you. Portrait of a one way street. What is the moment when we look at genitals and what do we see in them? If you have seen enough, it is naive to think sex is what we live for, what keeps us alive maybe or definitely. To cross lines works up till it doesn’t anymore. Maybe it, sexism and harassment, is important when we need to breed and that is why visibility matters, I don’t know. It must have other meaning than having power and direct effect, a success.

Sexually implied harassment is an every day event. To be seen and desired as a sexual being who is aggressive in thinking and having sex, it is the most fun to people or you can have it and that hunting and showing off one’s sexual drive plus ability bring the high in life even unfilled, that act of playing and poking the ice, breaking the ice with all that heat from your sexy body and attitude radiating via electric cords and the way you walk and talk, is justified and ok. What kind of culture makes people think all want the same things and should like this.

The most of you being your penis is not much and it is not a turn on but off. Reason for me to inquire is that the need to bring the subject forward, act of sexism fucking a mind, fucking in mind disregarding consequences, harassment and display are on the wall and unbelievably rampant. It is like no other part of culture, sex. I have come to think it is the energy we live from, even those who deny sex being important or are ashamed of it, such vulgarity is what is a kind of nonstop pain but tolerated because it is the fun, fun for me kind of self-centred self-pleasuring. Is it a thrill to go to a stranger and make an advance just like that, flash. That there are no ties, no other pressure than the harassment done by a person to another person who is supposed to give response of some sort. Someone who wishes to be openly sexual in predatory fashion, make verbal and visual comments thinking this is the best shit there is and play with people in hopes to end up having an act of fucking for fun. Who says yes and agrees to being used?

It must be something to people who prey online. They do not see it themselves like being wrong because the behaviour is normal, the search for fun and amusement happens in a flash of a moment, it is something made for them and theirs. It is their game which all should understand. When you turn it upside down and do it reverse, response is an utter surprise and silence, ummm. Then it is not normal anymore. There is a point when repetition mode will get tiring. It is when the majority of messages are the sort where intercourse is the main reason to contact and interact with women. To say someone is interesting and suggest anal sex and any casual meeting for you to get your release is the lamest shit, lazy, boring and unacceptable. Sure it makes me laugh out loud, still I wonder what the fuck goes on in people’s heads. “There are these rather weird sexual connotations attached. The idea that women are closer to nature, which is of course out of birth, is absurd. Nobody is more or less natural than anybody else. This gets played out in a number of interesting ways.”