To become a mean bitch means one is saying what one thinks, not liking what one is getting, not liking what one sees and hears. I am stating it is sickening to look at you, what you do and choose not to do.

There are things I like but this is not it. What is it that women are given? Women should be grateful for everything is the default. To be grateful is something else. Yes one can be grateful but content for what one is given, to settle to this oppression, sexism, sadism, torture you offer I never will and truly hope no one else will either. Situation is not changing for any better, you are stupider than I ever thought was possible, abyss of stupidity swallows all. Oh well I haven’t appreciated intellect of humans enough and I still probably don’t. The same is the situation in general. Intellectuals are those who speak up and against, they act when they see injustice. That is the number one characteristic of an intellectual.
Thank you for the praises for the looks, for the clothes, for the ass, for looking so youthful, for being so nice and smiling like I really meant it all the time. It means that I am very happy and content all the time and because I like you guys just because I like guys :). Yes I suck your dick gladly. It is my duty and delight, how delicious. How fucking dare you. Most men and women are immature jackasses who think they are centers of the universe. I should like you? Why the fuck should I. I don’t have such manners and sleaziness in me to like people who do not have backbone. No reason. There is no liking. Liking is mere air, push of a button, virtual reality but what does it resonate is nothingness. There is contempt, hatred, foulness, bitterness, backstabbing, world led by indifferent asslickers who don’t wish to make a difference because they are scared. People are scared little fuckers, scared to stick ones’ necks out for a cause, for someone else. World is ruled by self-interest purely to destruction.