Holding on to entitlement. What can be called a minor human error?

Definitions by which we move on: we must know on what kind of ground we stand, what there is to know about the world around (we should be interested), we must define ourselves what is it that we can achieve as ourselves finding the best in ourselves, what we are compared to environment and other people and what we can do with knowing where we come from. We are defined by others for the same reasons, goals and looking for meaning; where those others stand in relation to us. Knowledge is the key to any entitlement, any relation and standing, at least this I hope. What do we know then? What kind of resource knowledge we have is and what kind of knowledge is available? Mission gets complicated when we begin to evaluate what is worth knowing, what do we want in the end and where do we move with the knowledge we have, what does it do to us and what do we do with it.

Something one is entitled to, to know, to learn, to speak, to work, to grow, to live, to breath, to feel, to move, to explore, to find, to lose, to sleep, to rest, to imagine, to invent, to play, to be a child, to be what one desires to be. What can we say we are entitled to are those mentioned and things people have to know themselves without putting anyone down but to lift up. When we feel entitled is when we enjoy having something, is it extra or is it because we are humans and therefore can and will? What is too much entitlement? We tend to take many things for granted, things which are granted to us as privileges in a world of crises and wealth distributed unequally but something we truly need like education, continuous schooling and work. We have an obligation to educate ourselves and our children, find a way to make a living and place of living. To say to have a life is to live a fulfilling life with joy and curiosity. How many can say that? We should be entitled to be able to feel joy, feel joy of living as we are privileged to be living this exact time on Earth. Still it seems to be difficult for many to be content, grateful and have feeling of joy for what one has. Is that the basic dilemma of human existence, discontent, unhappiness and emptiness? Not having enough ever or not having what that other person can have, not being able to be happy for someone else and not being able to be content for life as it appears to be.

Problem can be that one cannot let go of the old because it was the entitlement to that person, a possession, to let go and have others have the same entitlement and joy. Problem of sharing something good, especially material good, material comfort, not riches but security.


Women who make pornographic images, not by displaying themselves, not to display themselves but portraying sex. Their right to pleasure and to correct the imbalance.

That porn is for male pleasure, that it is for men’s eyes and gaze, that naked, fucking women sucking cock do what they do not to please themselves, but only their partners, only the male viewer. It is a stereotypical view, true, sure. How do women claim their right to their pleasure which is as important and why is this topic an ongoing issue that has to be brought up? It is the same as sex and porn being ridiculous to some, disgusting, objectifying and unnecessary. That it is shameful although sex in advertising is a full on phenomenon that does not bother hugely many.

In a way I display myself by drawing a pornographic drawing. I am curious and have no shame because I do not see I should feel ashamed. It is my curiosity to see how bodily holes can be put in use to make a pleasurable impact. Where pleasure comes from, for whom it is. Who can feel pleasure through porn and why it is interesting, porn and pleasure? What is porn and where do we draw the line of acceptable?