To test limits happens quite easily: limits are somewhat odd.

Testing begins when we get naked. Nudity is very badly tolerated even though art is filled with nudes, especially women. They usually are reclining nudes or bare-breasted embarrassingly trying to hide their bosom. For me I am naked even though I am fully clothed, this is the gaze and comments I get. Banning nudity online does not make it better, it makes it worse. People who have never seen a naked body seem to be on the edge and falling over, surely Finland has more open culture what comes to nudity, many people are just ashamed and scared: what happens to fragile minds in this world, to those who see naked breasts happens something out of the order, which is intolerable and wrong. To explain why and how I am porn is that I am measured and seen as a porn object always, that is the default setting and why I am for, have always been which I have to constantly fight and it is tiring. To be an underwear model would be an ideal profession for me surely. To lose 5 to ten Kilos would go perfectly with that, wouldn’t it. Taking off clothes does not make the situation much different, only that I can examine what happens and write my reply, contradict in concrete perception on female body which is shamed and too much to take because it is out of the ordinary somehow, I don’t know how that is possible.

Naked female body equals the world going out of its joints, hell breaking loose or falling down as people are dictated by their urges which tells that we are in large sense animals and respect animal urges as frightening posing a threat to humanity. Humans must be fully clothed even in art. How do we explore our body and sex obsessed culture if naked body can’t be put under microscope in public? How do we make an impact which truly changes something in our obsession, fear and loop of old ideas that do not work well in today’s world? How do we show what our culture is all about: women are not allowed to rule their bodies, women do not have right to reflect and see what happens when nudity is and female body is put in centre of the attention? Will you say how sorry you are that women are born porn stars, at least I am, was? It is not enough to say you are sorry, nothing changes. Women must be allowed to set their boundaries themselves. How do we make progress seems very hard and slow when rights of women are in the dirt. This is much about self-governance of one’s body and life.

Vastaukseni Youtubelle joka kieltää alastomat rinnat videoissa ja jäädyttää koko tilin jos osassa videoista on alastomuutta jossa näkyy rinnat:

Videoni ovat taidevideoita ja niillä käsitellään naisen kehoa ja siihen liittyvää ongelmallisuutta, jota tämä kielto on osa eli naisen alaston vartalo on pornograafinen sellaisenaan ja kielletty epäasiallisena, tyyliin imettäminen on julkisessa tilassa heikkohermoisille haitallista. Taiteessa alaston vartalo etenkin naisen vartalo on iso osa koko taidehistoriaa, joten on varsin kummallista, että vielä nykyään koetaan tarpeelliseksi verhota ja piilottaa täysin luonnollinen asia ja vielä naisen itsensä käsittelemänä, miehet ovat yleensä katsojan ja tekijän asemassa. Videoillani ei edes ole seksiä ja tarkoitukseni on juuri viitata taidehistoriaan ja miksi maalaus on eri asia kuin oikea olemassaoleva vartalo. Piirustuksissani kylläkin on varsinaista pornoa, mutta niitä en esitä Youtubessa. Tarkoitukseni on myös tuoda esille tekopyhä kulttuuri joka on hyvin seksi ja vartalokeskeinen ja vihaa naisia. Trollit ja Youtube että Google sen todella tekevät näkyväksi: naisvihan ja tekopyhyyden.

My answer to YouTube for freezing my account for showing breasts in couple of my videos: My videos are art videos and I examine female body and problematical involved what comes to women and their bodies. This ban tells that female body is pornographic as such and forbidden to see in everyday context, for example breast-feeding in public space is for many too much to take. Banning nudity in art is one reason why people have hard time understanding and tolerating nudity as normal. People have hard time with human body even though it is completely natural and should be viewed as such, not something to hide and be ashamed of. Men have been those who look, gaze, comment and view naked women sexually. In my videos there is not sex, there are breasts of mine which obviously are pornographic per se.

My meaning is to have a conversation with art history which is filled with female nudes and what these nudes have been there for on display, what is the sacred and what is abomination, unholy, why painting is different from actual real life image and why nudity is immediately about sex? My drawings and paintings do have sex in them but they too are not for gazing purposes. I examine pornography and culture which is soaked in porn on many levels, so much so it has become normal to pose like a porn star and ask for porn-like sex from a stranger online. My meaning is to question body and sex obsessed culture which still can’t look at female body without it being a disgrace, the body and the woman. It is exactly her which ought to be ashamed not men. It is hypocrisy and misogyny. This culture is kept up by trolls, YouTube and Google especially. It is ok to hurt, stalk and violate privacy but to look at nudity in art is too much to take.

selfie of going to sleep

A dead bird, a large her on cock

What is a delicious blowjob? What is the eatable enjoyment a moment to fill in so much so that it is the only idea there is to do with me and be done. Is it human? He thinks his penis tastes good? Or is the deliciousness in his mouth in his body the feeling the sensation looking at me sucking.

It is when one suddenly is faced with the fact that one is one mouth, one asshole which can be endlessly fucked, one cunt, one tongue. One gratifying sight into which a man can melt. There is a desire to shove a large hard-on cock, a large hard-on dick, a large hard-on penis, a large hard-on prick, shove it as deep as it goes. It will be the only thing there is, to see me sucking, and shove even further when it does not fit and see my face. Pain is necessary to bring pleasure for the one who causes it. For some to serve is pleasurable. It is a service to open one’s mouth for one purpose only and be seen as slave, a whore.

When act comes to an end I am to swallow, the dream is to swallow a dream, to give head, get down on him, be on one’s knees, let one’s head to be torn apart and be an asshole. It is an act of penetrating a mind which is also a body. Something where mind has stopped to be autonomous and all meat begins, is what is left of her, of me. Mind is in the dirt as it is in leash, the open mouth with which one cannot speak is full of moving penis, full and as open as a mouth can be. Breathing through one’s nostrils is harder till one is not able anymore but suck and lick and take it back. Little death is too little when fulfillment is for the man only. It has to be big one. The more obedient one is the better. Disgust must not show, that you are disgusted for being used like that, that you hate the look on his face. You just take it all in your mouth, the action, movement, size of his, everything. Everything is the demand. Everything is what he wants. Organ you are sucking, the man you are sucking, him you are fulfilling. Do you do what he asks you to because you want to be loved? Do you do it till you gag and almost throw up because he wants to? Are you so eager to please and afraid that this is the all of love there is? To understand the thrill of torture, subjugation which he doesn’t admit is torture because he enjoys it so much. He enjoys to think he knows what he is doing and he is doing what he wants.

Why so open? What is this all about? Why be like a bird to be fed taken by the neck and be used like that? That there will be a reward and love there in the end. I have been a good cat, good bird, good girl, the good in it. Seduction with feathers and a counterpart to fit ending to be his moment.