In addition

It is funny that often when an artist has a job she does not get paid for doing the job, because it is pay enough to be noticed and displayed. It is the joy of being an artist to give away one’s talent and work. So in this light those ‘jobs’ seem particularly uninteresting, humiliating and enslaving. The point of this kind of work remains to be considered not worth doing and having. In addition to that artist as a person and her work are likely on a whim and as a rule to be put down like trash. It is not uncommon to hear there are all kinds of artists (meaning crazy, obscure, obscene, unbalanced, dangerous, poor, bad, dirty, unworthy, suspicious, unpredictable etc) and that curator has to be careful whom to work with such sub-humans, introduce to partners and ask for dinner, as a curator once told me. Well to tell you, curator, if you recognize yourself pay attention, you are absolutely right and hopefully you will never work again. You have this little respect for artists as people and as workers you are in the wrong business.

Just to remind you PhD. candidacy, doctoral degree, artistry, position in an organization do not elevate you to treat people as unintelligent garbage. Never forget.

Put your hands together and say a little prayer to make it. Art Heroism is The Ultimate goal. New kind of a art Hero. Who is that? Does it matter? If you feel good about yourself and whaT you have accomplished then yes, I guess..

But Henna, How can you question value of art as a motor and a motivator for people in changing the World. True. It has changed me, hopefully in return I change something for better. Art changes you when you do it. So do it! Start with a portrait of yourself. This is not a joke. If you think you cannot do art, I wonder why do you think so, also what is good and who is capable. Most important thing is to create. Is that so? Yes, never give up.