Word revolution, meaning of revolution.

It is a favourite strong expression, expressing will, a song with a catchy tune. Still a word about innovation which we instantly wake up for, an instant happening put up, launching of a product, a brand, event which raises attention to and interest in what is new at the moment. Revolution is in the moment. What new will this product bring to us as a community and to individuals who wish to alter their lives. It, the change factor, being an idea, a tool, concept, way to do things differently. What is the revolution we like, we like to repeat like a mantra, salvation? What has been explored and found via revolutions till this day is human character, how slowly anything truly changes, what it takes to change society, the sacrifices, work and effort, faith and how easily revolution disappoints. It flops when people get tired, when people fail, when people lie, when people are not willing to work together for wellbeing of all, when revolution means different things, different outcomes and means.

In making revolution people need to be active, take stand, put themselves at jeopardy and risk, with revolution we are with those who oppose the unchangeable something in the way for necessary refreshing. Invented, determinate, no other alternative but to act, moving forward to discarding the old? What is the new then? It better be better than the old, a new name is not enough. We like to spin with it, idea of constant reinvention and illusion. It, the action, hope of change we like to be with without catching breath, hang around with, stay, be thrilled and make our lives better.

When revolution happens all the time everywhere it is merely a normal development, an everyday event, but we pay attention to it still because it is revolution. We mention and talk about revolution. Ask is this revolution and maybe we are not sure. Should we take part, is it safe and is it about being safe. What does revolution look like? Because it is revolution, an important occasion and something special, development which is meaningful for many may take place. Extraordinary, extraordinary, extraordinary, there where there is no room for extraordinary. What happens to extraordinary without revolution is suffocation, silencing. Extraordinary is the very ingredient of revolution, special which is banned, not found, not looked for, not missed until there is a bunch of people who show this is what we need and must do. When you repeat the same word what happens? Society and culture evolve is the expectation when revolution is about to take place, not backwards but forward to absorb thinking and technology which is fitted into the old as better, sold as better, as making a difference.