How much do we know we are ourselves (do I think I am) and what is a self in civilized society of order? And what is civilized society?

How does a person become herself/himself in a society of strict order and codes of living? To do things that are forbidden and hide, or to do what you like and not hide. Face consequences. Is it being yourself to be able to do what you wish? Aren’t I and self connected in doing and making. I become me when I am active, because making makes me progress as a person. In this sense it is horrifying to think that women are restricted from doing. Women are restricted from evolving globally. I am also product of my society where I am what I do. Those who do not work what are they? Why are we labelled? Such doing which does not directly make money is considered not as important. To be important is to label, to have a say, what is that?

There are examples of where women are under strict religious order (it looks to me the most of the world is under such order). Women are monitored, capsuled and punished if not doing as they are commanded to do. I do not speak of one particular religion, but it seems to be characteristics of many religions to have power over women. Women are under command whether it is faith or capitalism. Why is it women need to be under authority of man. It is hilarious to even have to ask. It is a joke, the authority of man and the desire for power.  It is a joke to want power for the sake of having power.

Female body is strictly regulated possession, it is conscious use of power. We monitor consciously and unconsciously bodies of people, daily and it is obsessive and never enough. It is desire. This is an everyday topic, topic of look and attraction. Why is appearance and monitoring placed so high in our social order are basic questions for Feminists (as it should be for anybody) and demand in Feminist movement for women to be able to be and do, be free from authorities of Patriarchy, free from the all seeing judging eye, which has to be pleased. What is the part of our individual consciousness in moulding us and what is society to mould us? Society clearly has demands on every person and it clearly wishes to have us certain way. 

Why does society demand anything if it is for us?

Our bodies are parts of organized society, parts of this constructed civilization. Media is filled with instructions of how to fit in, how to be best you can be in our given society. Curious is, is society moulding us or do we mould it by moulding ourselves or is it just interaction unable to be controlled? 

And what does rebellion got to do with moulding us and society we live in? What kind of forms of rebellion are allowed and how far rebellion is ready to go in terms of taking what belongs to people, how do people define themselves and their role as persons, how do they reflect themselves within the society they live and what are their lives suppose to be? What are lives suppose to be is a strange question altogether, but it is somehow obvious there are assumptions that stick like glue. Ways of doing.


What exactly is being controlled firstly? Maybe enjoyment and lust. perhaps.