To become part of gender and sex-oriented society

Sign is there between the legs, a message to people how child should be brought up. What would happen if it didn’t mean that much, that sex wouldn’t dictate how we are perceived and how we should be? Saying earlier that to be a girl is a full on crisis is exactly it, how to grow and adjust to the environment when to adjust is the most wrong thing there could be and do. Adjust and accept because one must. Firstly is the issue of where you live and what kind of atmosphere you are born to, what does your environment tell you, makes of you, lets you be, how you will end up knowing who you are and what will you be, what you should be and who to believe, what to be scared of and what life is worth, your life. To having accepted how to live when does the fun end if we are having fun in the first place.

To be an individual can be tricky. What does it even mean anymore. Young men and women on the video below which is an intro to the movie Spring Breakers 2012 by Harmoni Korine is truthful to reality of college students in the US. Both sexes are exercising roles that are heterosexual and oppressive, roles that are to be followed by students as fun but strict and fitting the idea of letting go and being young in a certain way. Equaling reckless behavior to fun where women are exposing themselves as willing pornographic wild sexual partners on beach with alcohol and drugs. Camera angles tell the story of where to look. Women line up in front of men to play blow jobs with open mouths in which men pour drinks from cans, cans posing penises. All happens on the beach, bright color swimsuits and ads, ecstatic faces and young people who want to go out of control and to be seen as such. Men are more of spectators and users of goods which women gladly offer since it is fun and there are many women instead of one. Grouping is essential of this fun, group dynamic, collective awareness of what is happening and what to do. Who will be wildest and sexiest. Do men expose themselves, do they get drinks on them like it was sperm? This scene is a collective dance of spring, ancient as it is unacceptable and blown out of proportion. Pornographic imagery is very clear as is influence of music videos. All bodies are trained to perform this act. What happens really is shaming and objectifying of women. Women willingly play cattle to be slaughtered and enjoyed, enjoyed and slaughtered. It is suicidal, destructive and dangerous, but that is obviously what they seek, what turns them on. It is one way of seeing student life and a break from studying.“How could such a beautiful, successful and famous young woman kill herself?””