The Gossip is solid proof and enjoyable one. It is deadly and vicious aimed only to cause hurt and loss by those who speak it forward. My aim has been to reflect you to yourselves and to those watching.

Gossip is the spectacle of our time, of any time. It is the destruction and decay of the art world made visible. When word spreads this fast and in this magnitude to paint black one person it is evidence of a bubble existing and relations between people who aim to preserve self-interests, tale of art life in a bubble which serves the few of those inside, suspicion and contempt against the different and someone who is seen as less. Art world does not serve art or artists. Artists who think so serve interests of theirs only and the system that does not seek change as it thinks it is perfect. World where self-promotion and greed shine is a dead world already. Justification would be very interesting to hear as you obviously see someone like me garbage who can be completely trashed. Gossip continued the trashing that had already began as I heard what people had talked about me, people whom I had not even met. How an image of an artist and a woman lives on in talk and creates her public image which in its way makes her in the art world. Art is seen the undeniable good, fighter against ill, social rot, ugliness and discrimination, at least for some the ideal is true. Contradictions and simple mistakes in thinking shine through. You see it?

In this image it is interesting to reflect the world of how artists are seen in general as there is contempt inside there is a lot of it outside. As from where I come from arts is done by distant and weird people who are more or less mentally ill, drink a lot, live a messy life etc. All kinds of images live on, any ideas there are of artists are kept alive just to keep arts distant because it is not understood nor wanted because it is something disturbing, disturbing balance of what is seen as good, good to picture, good to like, what is seen as beautiful and worth while to depict. To be a great artist is to be legitimized inside by legitimized people with position and only great artists have the right to be artists. For an artist who is female and has contradicting questioning thoughts it is a complex field of struggle, mostly struggle against prejudice, a struggle to be heard and make lasting change of how people think and what is art for.

Only thing I am surprised is how fast and wide word has spread. Viciousness nor cynicism do not surprise me in any way. Here comes the sun and it will burn you. See I understand you way better than you think. That is your flaw, underestimation and arrogance, you do not think much of someone like me. Someone like me, who is that? Someone who looks like me, someone you heard a gossip about?