OMG she is strong and independent. She is frightening in her confidence which is hard to tolerate and face as such. She must suffer for her arrogance and nerve to think she has power.

What feminism has fought for has made the kind of woman who knows what she wants visible and admirable for many. Someone who goes after her dreams, makes herself, the kind of person who can be portrayed in advertising and movies. It is all good and serving up to a point. Something is still there to be analysed and worked with, because it is a very narrow branch to sit on where entertainment likes to place women and give them goals which seem somewhat plastic and exclusive. Emphasis on woman the consumer, woman the achiever, straight white there for a man, still. Celebrities are seen as strong and independent who are in control representing business which pays millions to performers where competition is heavy. To have fought your way up is an ideal image of success and a story worth selling. 
What is it about control that is so inevitably vital to strength and independence, so much so that to be strong and independent are synonymous to having control of yourself, your life and everything that involves you. It has got to do with knowledge and awareness of how to manage your life which is the key to controlling it.  A place where nobody is telling you to do anything, you are doing what you expect of you. What do you expect of yourself and how well can you lead your life to live independently which can be a very lonely road, at least if you are an artist? 
You decide and act upon your capabilities and needs which you think are yours, which make you. Then you must make someone want that package you have made. Is that where independence ends, because we have to be desirable to someone, women are there to be wanted? This basic human right to be wanted and loved as you are and have control over one’s own life are important parts of us, our character and building one’s identity. Independence of thought is too much to handle for many if one is a woman, still in all cultures around the globe. Women wanting to try out occupations that are known to be male dominated face harsh objection, bias, talk against and violence which brings out the brutality of the situation where women are at trying to have control and do what they wish. There is not a civilization that would not prohibit and strain women’s desires, bodies and lives. Norms and standards of how women should be are there even we like to think they are not. 
She who has mind of her own and is not afraid to speak it, because she sees it ridiculous not to, can be treated an alien and unbalanced troublemaker. Scary as such. Art is not an exception quite on a contrary nor is science. 

The Yes Woman: Did Calamity Jane have borderline personality disorder? The 1953 film’s gender and race politics are poor, but goshamighty, the tunes are catchy,867fa1f7-4722-092b-c60c-63ad58d2b1a8

Since it is not a perfect world of man, we equal as people with our flaws, we fight because of them, because we do not tolerate imperfection and difference but seek similarity with weaknesses we have maybe ourselves and we learn to abuse weaknesses of others. Us in groups with flaws to match.

What are the human flaws we either tolerate or not? It is interesting because inadequacy is to what we pay attention and expect to face. It is strange the search of negative features which we go through daily, imperfections of ours and others. It is like we base our lives on mistakes, which we loath, which must not be there but they are and then what? Also worth seeing through is which characteristics are weak and which strong, what is strength. Is it something moving? Is it learned and emphasized, encouraged. To me it seems it is again a case of thinking you know and imagining, continuing tradition of division.