Juhani Palmun alla. Palmu nimeltä Juhani. Lajien synty, synty lajien./Fu-tourist. Travelling is a performance.

Fu-tourist (does it sound like I have a flu?)


Future of change, I wish and work for change, to change, for a change, give me some change, change a tune for a change, change clothes, change the way you walk, change the way you live, change the way you talk, change the way you sleep, change the way you have breakfast. I think about it so much it has become a mantra and I begin to play with the thought of change. The word what it means to me, what it means to anybody. It is difficult, because for me, it is a necessity and a self-evident part of life. As I see it people are afraid of changes especially those which demand us to give up something. Changes may have an ominous tone in them. Silent doom, change is absolute, change is fear, change is fearlessness, change is good and bad, profitable, there is a thought of profit in the word. To change there must be something to gain, there must be an end and a new beginning, something good. Economically it can be wise to learn to give instead of taking, but in the light of everything, what happens now in the world, it looks like things do change rapidly, one way or the other. To demand the world to change for better is a cry. Is it a too common a phrase to be taken seriously? What kind of attitudes there are in general towards changing habits, attitudes, altering ways of knowing and looking, eating, wanting and doing. It is requiring substantial volume to make dramatic changes happen. A lot of energy focusing and learning. I say dramatic because changes to make our ways of living sustainable and wiser need a total turnover. That means a lot of work, not looking for easy ways out. There aren’t any.