Don’t be afraid.

Never give

So what am I fighting for? And how am I doing the battle? At the moment right here, in a couple of weeks somewhere else. It’s good to point out the most important issues to shout about and my strategy is to fight without bloodshed and large body count. So far I have not considered myself as an activist. I have been thinking it simple, since I don’t go around much and to be an activist one has to be active and be busy shouting for the cause. I have considered myself as a passivist that likes to make a difference in a quiet way and I’m intrigued and thrilled that it is possible. It seems that something has happened! But what?

My art is such that it requires only small amount of materials and physical work. Isn’t it great! Yes. So, It’s not laziness. I’m fascinated by the idea that little is more and I’m learning away of being hugely industrious. But ideas are what I love, dreams and fantasies, I’ll be industrious in them. I have found it most pleasurable and effective to do as little as I can, but I like to have a huge impact, like an explosion in the brain, explosion here meaning new kind of comprehension and insight into living and loving. I avoid any spectacles. I cannot be in one. I can’t stand the panic feeling I get. Or the feeling of uselessness of a spectacle. Sometimes the big size eats the contents of it all and sometimes the size becomes more important than the issue at hand.

But fight is a spectacle. To be strongly against something and point something out brings out a spectacle, like it or not. Especially in a world that thinks is perfect like the Arts. Especially among the people who think have no flaws or cannot be criticized. Life as it is a spectacle, it cannot be avoided if one wants to be part of the World and bring out ones views in it. As one wants. Could we be one consciousness? Could we be one? We surely are complicated.

My fight started from the constant experience that people are not equal, from the wonderment why is it so and what can be done about it. Also if equality is fully possible, what would it really be and mean.