Meaning of struggle

There must be a meaning, but to find a meaning and a life does not mean struggle is the only way. That it is the only thing to make us grow and understand the meaning of living, ways of doing and existing. Yes to see effort, pain and work to accomplish and have something I think is essential, it is unavoidable when making something lasting and worth while. It does not mean that via struggle and constant battle we should find our path. There are those who make it even through the toughest most difficult things imaginable. Then there are the most who maybe barely make their living, for whom every day is a fight to survive.
This is exactly the equation I do not comprehend, the amount of wealth, amount of extremely wealthy people and how much they own, how well this wealth benefits society, how wealthy nations over and over like to see that survival of the fittest is a good way to make politics, tend people’s businesses, affairs and lives. Money that there is does not benefit those who need it most and that is children. Education, health care, security, future prospects that look hazy and dim seem to be in many countries somewhat a similar kind of mess that continue to be unsolved. Yes we like hero stories and survivors, but I’d rather see much wiser heroic deeds done by politicians, people who decide how nations are run. If it is them who run countries. Those who take money from education and health care will keep this situation of struggle on going.