Wednesday 5.8. balcony, row three seat 51. It was the only seat left empty in the middle of all people. I’m sorry I would like to go there.

Where is it? Up there, tells a woman on whose seat I am sitting at the moment. With a sigh and feeling of frustration, feeling of awkwardness, stupidity and need of getting on without error in these arrangements to enjoy the show. Sitting on a seat that is reserved for me as I paid for it. It is my space. With complete feeling of surprise as I was listening to music in the mean time. I get up and they are frustrated, so easily as there are many things that can go wrong and they usually will. How an incorrect way can be disturbing as we are not tolerating mistakes, pauses, waiting, a moment gone terribly wrong because of this stupid woman. Something so little and repairable, my mistake, so sorry.

You have got one minute to find your seat. Hope you will get there on time, hope you won’t disturb others, hope nothing else will happen on your way that would be as disturbing as me having to meet a total stranger invading my space.