Light of Truth. What is really crazy.

People who are afraid to stand under it, because it reveals them as they are. Liars who defend themselves telling whatever lies they desire to look as they wish, wanting to be adored and favored in this strange light of theirs, invented, manipulated reality. This is the humankind, another thing is how to survive it. Does one have to become similar to liars and better at lying. Does one have to close one’s eyes and be silent even injustices happen all the time. In fear we tend to do that, in our pride. Afraid of being bullied and isolated, afraid of being seen how small we can be. Cowards act like that. They do not do what is right and just, they hold on tightly to what is theirs even it was a lie. Obedient comfort seekers do what is expected of them, they close their eyes, they pretend and lie hoping nothing bad will come upon them. (but Let’s hope together we will make this world a better place! yes hope…) Bullying society continues as it ever was, because most of us are unable to confront themselves and the bullshit they do. Sounds like corruption to me. People liking their nice comfort and buddies liking each other in a perfect bubble. Stupidest thing is that people enjoy this double standard. They like being two-faced. It keeps them safe.

People like to lie, tell lies and most of us like to believe in lies, because that is easy, it is part of the survival and making it. We listen to stories about people we do not know and believe them, condemn the people whom we do not know, we do it because we can and it makes us look ‘better’ and condemnation justified.

One has to become good at mind games, knowing how people think, what can be said aloud and when move with the crowd. How to find truth in this kind of world is difficult, difficulty begins when one cannot stand the lies anymore, hypocrisy, pure sinister greed and stupidity. To find people who are trustworthy, truthful in their words and deeds, who do not do things to gain the most respected things money, friends and status. To find truth and stick with it can be unbearably hard, one can end up alone. There is truth in that position. Alone. My truth is not your truth. Your ways of doing are not those of mine. So what is my truth to you? What is a truth teller to you, the one who questions you, makes you feel guilty and uncomfortable?

It is important to all the time question first oneself, always yourself. Question the establishment, question the authorities, ask them why they do what they do and what kind of values do they hold most important in their work.

What is to be good as a human?