How do you free your mind? Dancing might help. It frees your body and when your body is free it helps your mind to become more free and accepting. When prejudice is what keeps your identity in power you think you are in power in comparison to others, you can’t let your prejudice go because it is what makes you. Power is intoxicating. This is my theory. What do you think?



Honor and dignity are serious matters, part of humanity, which dictate much in this world of people who seek to be respected and honored, but those two are also matters of opinion and choice, important what comes to women’s rights who often do not have freedom of choice.

The Status of Women in Islam vs Status of Women in other Civilizations and Religions

In this light people who still argue that feminism is not important or say it plays no role whatsoever to make lives better amaze me. Rights of women are vital to all of society. If women do not have a say over their lives and they are possessions who can be treated as objects civilizations do not evolve, we do not find equality, peace nor are able to let all people be the best possible persons they can. By violating women’s and girls’ rights continuously we waste human resources, we do not reduce suffering, poverty, ignorance nor oppression.


Women under attack

Women are under attack mentally and physically no matter which culture we live in. Female body and controlling it seems to be one stepping stone of those so-called developed countries and developing countries. Abortion, marriage, virginity as a prize for men, wearing clothes to hide her persona and sex in order not to disturb, in order not to be anything but domestic help and a subject of men, women under strict legislation and under contempt as unholy and ripped out of human dignity. Due to our religions and the heritage they bring women are under attack: mutilated, raped, diminished, killed and put down in a manner that is appalling and criminal. In Islam women are under supervision as children or worse as animals without say over their lives. Because of their sex and assumed notorious nature as men seducing beings, women who are a menace to whole of society for their sex and sexuality are outcasts, outlaws and whores by nature, vicious with demonic qualities.
As I look at womanhood of mine and place it as it is, it has been nothing but a threat to others. Something for somebody else to want and use. Under looking-glass, under severe observation and talk, under sheer contempt and ill where women as persons and people are put without second thought. It is alarming since I have thought we live in a civilized country. Country that considers it civilized, but there is a big BUT. As civilized as we are we rely much on religion. As secular as Finland seems to be in its modernity we like our Christian values. As does Europe. Christianity on one hand is not modern. It is ancient as is Islam. Unchanging and relying on that. Whether we wish to be ancient or modern seems to vary on the matter at hand. We like our technology and our progress faith wipes out for example historical architecture if there is profit in sight. What comes to marriage as an institution and deciding over fetuses life there are puzzling traditionalist voices that are loud and listened to whether they are valid or not. Violence of religious fundamentalists is in their voices and in their deeds. Is violence God’s work? I seriously doubt that.
Threat of sexuality is that it affects our morals, our behavior and how our children become to see what society is and can be. We are very sexual beings, we express our sexuality with everything we do whether we deny sexuality or let it show as it is. Everything is expression. Sexuality cannot be escaped therefore it is dangerous. Do people who deny variety of sexual behavior have high morals?

Woman in a bar alone has set connotations, she has intentions. She is there for a reason. What is she wearing, how is she sitting, how much is she drinking, what is she doing. How to look at her, can she be approach, what to say to her. Threat of womanhood, woman who is pathetic if he is alone. Woman cannot be alone, she is attacked, her intentions are there on her stamped. Her loneliness is her burden and fault. There is something wrong with her.

Paper on class, sex and corporate power: