Is demand for equality absurd? I don’t think it has been. It is perfectly reasonable.

We should demand equal rights, equal treatment, equal pay. It means human rights for all, dignity, which can’t be repeated enough. Does this mean when a woman hits a man with her fist, the man should answer with fists? To me equality is when I feel I am mistreated I can say what I think about it. I have a right to give back and find justice for myself. Answering violence with violence isn’t the kind of equality I seek, balancing the amount of hits and injuries really does not bring happiness in the end. When one is in an underdog position bullied by lots of people without much chance to defend oneself, options may seem scarce. How to find an ally for example in a work place where you are only female, should you really fit in, imitate men, become butch to look tough, agree with everything, say nothing and just do your job? I myself only thought it would be hugely ridiculous for me to try be something I am not just to please others so that nothing would change in the world of men and at the work place where workers usually are men. There is an enormous pressure to fit in at work, at school just as if we did not mature from infancy when we seemingly grow up and become adults. To mature and become wise demand brain work, guidance and will to know more.

Just to add teaming up against one person is probably the most pathetic way of getting back at someone, it is not getting even it is to completely break that one person. To me it has happened several times. It has made me think I truly have something that make people tick. I provoke merely by appearance, by wanting to do things out of the box, being interested in things women maybe are not supposed to or are not normally interested in and just trying out. Yes I also say provocative things which to me are not provocative at all but need to be said. For example I said once at work when I did welding that you should be afraid gays they will attack you with pink tanks. I thought it was funny but it was offensive. Just to say gay is a red cloth for some people and so is woman who welds intimidating. (I am mostly quiet about my views at work to avoid trouble.) Open-mindedness is not common, you know, nor is sense of humour.“When women enter the male realm whether law, politics, or a construction site, they find themselves in a repugnant world in which their only means of survival is by undergoing a fundamental transformation leaving them with little opportunity to make any change.” If men and women were truly equal, she said, “men’s genitals would be sliced up” in the same way that some women are subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM).

She added: “Equality is harmful to women and most men, as they are required to replicate behaviours that are degrading and dehumanising.””