New beginnings, love those. BUT still beauty stops somewhere, suddenly, Is there fear in being aware. In what kind of fear we live? What is scary in the dark? In anywhere? Why am I scared? I’m not showing it, of course. Guns, bombs, people, people driving cars. How fear is born? Are those who don’t face bad, aggressive behaviour, acts in their lives as scared as those who do? Is fear different? Does it have many levels? When do you stop being afraid?

Why talk about fear? I think because it is everywhere. Throughout all my life I have been led to think I should be scared. I’m a fragile creature, woman, was a girl, quiet, almost nonexistent. I was supposed to be afraid becoming broken, being broken, being in someones way. It is the hate one starts to hate. Of being dictated what I should feel what I should do in my life, expectations how my life is going to be. One doesn’t first live for others. To live for others one has to first know who one is. How do you become aware of yourself? When? All the time, from the beginning of your life? What is being aware? Like alert, or I know what I am and how to be happy in my life.

to be continued… As not being scared. But it’s also something that never leaves. And to say don’t be afraid is not the right words, fear is not only a negative feeling, it keeps me alive. It keeps me wondering what is it, fear. Where does it come from. Like one day I was completely relaxed and among friendly people, felt happy.


Hello Dear, my name is Venus, a young girl nice an good looking and very attractive i will like to have a communication with you for a friendship, if you will have the desire with me, accept me as a friend by write me an email to my Address, when i receive your reply as i wish, i will set to you my picture for you to know who, i am waiting for your mail here my dear, age or color even distance but what matter is love.

Falling out of hate, how does that happen? How does falling into hate happen? Do you know? I think the logic there is quite simple. Certain amount of shit makes you explode, or if you cannot use your anger creatively it turns against you. Building up.

Some things are unforgivable. Goodbye asshole! How many assholes are there? Like zillion. Regards, Miss Scandinavia. Hah. You know Scandinavia, right?


Feel lost and helpless? Help is always near. Like yeah. My Indian Grandmother will answer all questions troubling your stressed brain, she is a witch, mighty one. All you have to do is ask.