To adventure is to be capable of adventuring.

How do we learn to think in a way that in everything we do we spontaneously see freedom of doing and freedom of thinking instead of performing, conducting or accomplishing being the priority? Accomplishment is important and to be recognized for not only work but existence, noticed as a person and being given something in return of having made by the person one is, feeling of having achieved and happiness of what one is joint together in harmony (impossible for an ambitious artist). Maybe achievement is too big a word in this what I am trying to get at..achievement of being able to have an adventure, adventurous mind is somewhat a privilege. Adventure has a likeness of lighthearted escapism and strong bond to idea of belonging to a privileged class, having an opportunity to do what one’s mind desires without a care and much effort. Without worry and heavy luggage, though it is the well-off who travel with luggage. To adventure is to be able to forget one’s possessions and position, that in mind privileged adventurer sounds like a snob who isn’t free enough to do what an adventure requires.