It takes one Click

It takes one click.

Get down on your fucking knees! The claim that the world is changing incredibly fast. What is the speed a bullet has? You won’t feel it once it hits your head. World of agony is too much to take. Don’t speak it out just hear the bang. That is what we do, not tolerate truth about ourselves. Our deeds, our need to enslave, to humiliate, things we do not take if they are not for granted. Preserving prejudice and privilege as something innocent playing as contrast to our cruelty as a value to sell and be covered by. It is the truth we should like but we kill it, because it is not enough. We don’t get ahead fast enough honestly. It even sounds too little, too bold to be alive. The one who speaks the truth and is not believed because it is too much to take.

Get down on your fucking knees! This command is about power used, power liked and loved, power of ruining innocence of someone, ruining possibilities of someone for a life. This gun is an accusation and it is pointed at you. It is my emotional response for you questioning me, for you to obey me. It is my belief my religion my faith and reassuring my righteousness. Me holding my truth, my path in my hand: Get down on your fucking knees! Now! Bow your head, feel my weapon on you, how cold it is against your skin, against your fear, against your life. Where are you when you are there afraid, in the dirt, below me breathing. Me above you looking at you with anger, looking at you like you were nothing, not even a human. Me with possibility and desire of pulling the trigger, click. It takes one click.

Local perceptions on human value, worth and dignified life. Human value decided locally, how curious. It is not universal?

Bang! [Son of a terrorist whore, daughter of a whore, what a whore, you filthy whoring bitch, idiot!]. Calling names, naming, giving a ‘title’ to a person, to define someone by verbal hurt to state power over, for those who are listening and to the subject himself/herself, disgracing sex, gender, tradition, family, ethnic background, country as a whole, what else is new. Placing countries in line and people, comparing, competing. What will come of this type of talk, of this competition? Learning prejudice by what adults talk, who they hate and not(to know why?), how they act, watch and move, power of examples. How to show emotions or do we have other than the negative ones to give. To have emotion other than negative to show, what a challenge, but yes anger can be shown, expressed everyday, but can you be clever in anger. Anger needs to be managed, creatively put to work.

What kind of power do given names entail and what kind of place naming gives in society, unhealed scars. What it is meant to do, beat someone down on the ladder, to worthlessness. Do names hold secrets, truths or plain violence, shaming, pointing a finger. How is a person put to shame suppose to feel and continue living, after maybe years of listening to, being told what one is by people who do not know you.

To take one’s place in society. Is it taken or given? Or to define social place, what is it. Does it have to be defined, defined for purposes of whom. Well for me for instance I need the definition to understand the mess of people. 

Mess in them and creations by them in messes, by that inner messiness, outer trouble. Me included.