Fixed air. How to make weather? Respiration of all. All in one breath inhale and again empty our lungs without thinking.

To laugh and dance like spiritual guide, shaman finding altered states of consciousness and understanding the connection between human will, faith and the unseen, know we are the force of nature humbly, wisely and that there are those who are more powerful than us. To communicate with those powers of earth. To impress and tempt spirits who make the rain for us to live. We live to impress ourselves. Rain comes as it wishes.

What are we doing now? Why do we dance now? Do we trust our guides, scientists and thinkers who know what moves the physical world. It is strange how we are now effecting the weather and we are forgetting to respect spirits of nature. We say there are none. There are plants and animals, ecosystems. Should we know why this all is and why we think it is all for us. Is there a reason or just coincidence?

(A person who makes the weather, someone called bird of the ill weather. Person who has bad karma or just bad attitude towards life and brings it on everybody like weather.) How affected we are, and yet not. Staying unaware and needy makers of change.

To use weather as a verb that makes us and makes us make. The ultimate molder of earth and how we make our living.

The more
exited we get the more we produce carbon dioxide, Spiritus Sylvestre, wild spirit. Fast breathing, sweating and steaming.

Climate at high altitude is thin. Thin air.