Britney: Her infamous mommy mistakes, chewing gum in an interview.

I pay attention to Britney Spears as if it was only Britney that the problem of misogyny would involve but sadly the problem is huge and goes on as an unnoticed light issue unchanged because why bother to change something that clearly works. Female celebrities are the tip of an iceberg, if you allow the worn-out phrase, it still works though, the phrase. It is all women who are under microscope whether they are good mothers, good women, worthy as human beings compared to men who are naturally solidly deserving and able. Celebrity women are asked if they are good mothers, their possible pregnancies are monitored in hawk-like manner like they had somehow committed the sin of having sex, living as anybody else. Her life has had a happy ending because it is the climax, the expectation realising itself, we have watched and pushed her to go exactly that direction. Women marry with men and have babies, reproduce and look happy in doing so. That is why people fuck, oh sorry, make love, and of course stay happily married to another celebrity or someone who maybe uses influence of the spouse to make a career or then they have divorce which give a story to tell and confess what went wrong. What was the wedding like, who was there, how romantic luxury life and depictions of these royals sell tons of magazines, what were they wearing. Images and stories tell, they are all we want to see and hear.

To ask whether a woman is a good mother is something that is almost a compulsory question asked of all celebrity mothers. You like to be asked whether you are a good mother frequently? Like capabilities of successful women were less in this regard still than capabilities of the male ones. Men are never asked bluntly whether they are good fathers which is of course because a man is a good parent, right. Oh yes he is a wonderful father when asked what kind of father he is to his children, and a good husband. And we imagine what is a wonderful father like: he plays with his children, spends time with them, laughs with them and reads a bedtime story.

To be worried about Britney and her health is not an issue, it is like why bother, she is where everybody wants to be and where she wanted to be so she must face all the consequences. It is to report what happens to her nonstop despite the disturbance and repetition in media, despite how media makes her act and sound like. We still think it is her and her mistakes, her shame, her falling with a baby, her fault she must run and hide from the paparazzi. It is us that they feed, we buy it, the stories with good appetite and we eat as much as there is to eat like cannibals. Not to mention what kind of culture and atmosphere all this creates for youngsters to grow into. “You are single now, why so and what is that like for you?” Circle of questions asked by journalist, by people who call themselves journalists, touch issues like sex, body, looks, pregnancies, wealth, relationships and the art these celebrities make. “Your new record, it is on the charts, congratulations. What do you think about your new record?”


Her illness is not hers, from her. It is the damaged society that claims it is her that is ill. She reacts to insanity around.

She seems as if she was not a real person. Only when she began to show signs of dissatisfaction which were carefully reported in media, signs of irregular behavior and grief. When she began to break out of her impeccable industry-wise flawless facade it was said she went crazy and needed to rest. She is a money-making doll without any other agenda, but she is a human being and that human being began to show. It is a touchy topic of losing one’s grip, grip from given strict frame from where she is not allowed to step out in public. Doing the opposite of what is expected her to do she shocks us, makes us laugh at her and at her illness, her stupidity, her fault, her flaw and her death as a pop icon. She tried to ruin what we think is her place and her job to deliver for us by doing shameful unreasonable hopping around and everybody followed. If she does not do what we think she should do, we push her over board and kill her. If she destroys what a woman is supposed to be we punish her. She has more than the most of us, we are allowed to rule her.

Bitching means to say what you really think and give an honest opinion. That is not expected of her. So bitching is useful and needed as is honesty. So why not call it that and not bitching. Honesty is beautiful. It makes people grow and see themselves as what they are. Bitching is different from speaking ones mind when there is need for it. Though I have wondered the use of SM-clothing, manners, body language and equipment in pop music. Is it to simulate bitching and attitude. Since lots of pop culture is available for people who are underage, what does such bitching mean to say exactly. Pop is hyper-sexual in imagery and therefore the contradictions in how imagery and behavior are regulated and dictated does not add up nor make hugely understandable logical sane message. As I understand it is fine to act crazy but not be one, it is fine to act and fantasize wild sexual play but in real life sexuality is a taboo and one of the biggest fights are over what is right and what isn’t what comes to expressing sexuality.
A superstar in a cellophane wrapping in high heels just like any other female mega star. She. The stereotype does not vary that much. It is not allowed to. It is the role of women in public eye not to give themselves as they are. That would be emotional whoring. If they were allowed to actually express themselves an order would break, power balance would change, the message too. Instead they are dreams to sell from a factory, an image, a sound and an act with strong sexual appeal, extremely strong. Sexuality is the basic marketing tool and an asset. Dolls do not and must not reveal themselves though. That is part of the play of keeping the distance and keeping the act of pop, a secret and likability. Lovable, kind, gentle, sexual, beautiful, distant, perfect, undemanding, not knowing too much, presentable, bubbly, funny, enjoyable, cute, young, fresh, new..Too many dimension is difficult, so keep it simple. It is part of their appeal, part of ‘their’ art that there is that unreachable something; a star faraway glowing her beauty and singing songs, dancing for us. How a person, a girl who wants to dance and sing for her living ends up being a product and agrees to the terms of sexist, abusive industry. Fortune and Fame is what we all want, isn’t it. Price is quite heavy.

Social dimensions of Britney S.

Have you heard her song Work B**ch? Without the video music stands as an anthem for working your way up higher and higher reaching out for the ecstasy and thrill, reaching for power and respect. Doing it on your own with what you have got with terms of your own, but in a world that also has certain kinds of terms and desires of its own and you have to know them. The video for the song does not differ from mainstream pop video. It is also an anthem for a lifestyle and what I find interesting there is the desire that is on display, desire of a girl and a woman, desire of a customer, a buyer, a client and a viewer to whom it is told that this is the world of business, act accordingly, know it to get the things you want. Because we are things who want things (there is a hint of criticism). Our world is a desert, which we make, world of things. How via supply and demand our world works, how knowing the game the making it works. Supply and a kind of an eternal answer is delivered like a package, a ready-made without any criticism that there might be something flawed in the picture. Why would we not want the same?
That there is no self-criticism or desire to walk away from a rip off world, criticism against having-it-all-lifestyle (because it is self-evidently good and right and what else is there) against the means of having it all is purely the way of today’s market. Message of this piece of music is heavy with images of girls working it, making it thinking they are in control, creating and delivering in terms of their own. Yes it is body of theirs, it is desire of theirs searching to match desires of well paying customers. Everybody is happy. Britney whipping her dancers to work it to make it. Yes it is work, but what do we want to make? Britney has been in business for quite a long time. She has got something that is worth all the money.
Her appearance is big part of her image. It is possibly the most important part in the package; even more important than music? There are many fixed ideas what Britney Spears stands for (or is it her that does the standing for something, I don’t know). For what I know she is not a singer-songwriter, but a performer of music made for her. She was somehow forced into a teenage pop stardom now wanting to be naughtier but still to be a product, so she does not escape her set frame at all. Diminished into a tight spot as a performer with little clothing, dance moves, videos, beats of music, interviews and gossip. She is a modern day freak now in Las Vegas. It is a tempting idea to laugh at her and she has been laughed at. Her intellect is questioned, but that happens to all women. All this sounds sad. The whole concept of pop stardom sounds sad and strictly framed. It is even more sad as we know that people seriously search for to do exactly what Britney does and is made to do.
Social dimension to Britney there are many. Surely some of her persona comes through, I think,, that she is a product of a sexist society that cherishes women to behave in a certain way and to get things in a certain way. Certain kind of womanhood is sexy and interesting for too many. To have it all instead of doing it yourself is a capitalist plan. We need to have all of the things that create respect for us, create an aura of possessing. How to DIY without sinking in to an industry that dictates most of the rules is difficult. Most of the world is dictated by big money industries and we like to see them as good job creators, star makers. Wealth is still the most luring dream there is and the search of riches makes the world go round.
in addition:
I claim if Britney Spears was allowed to be herself, her work would be hugely much more interesting. Interesting is, what is stopping her from actually being something else in front of us than what she now is doing and showing herself to be.