My conclusion is that sexual harassment is widely accepted form of violence. (Because it is good to be wanted. Of course, who would not want to to be wanted. It is a terrible thing if somebody is not wanted.)

If you feel like you may be in danger, please contact your local authorities. so they can access your situation. Don’t whisper about it with your buddies. Somebody might comment your silent lament. I don’t think it shows good taste or judgment to have sex with students either. It has an effect on the atmosphere and reputation of the school.

Is the punishment for having said one’s opinion to be all over the place trashed and ignored.. plus extras? That was the plan. And yeah the few other massively bad things done by me of course. Oh booy. What are the characteristics of civilized people and nations again? Why people in the arts consider themselves more civilized than others has not opened to me well. Only that the craft attracts narcissist assholes. It was that Guerilla Girls wore masks to prevent blacklisting for having criticized the art world for discriminating women. What kind of world does not accept critique or gender equality? Not a very open nor civilized one. To pose as open and good, human and intellectual, but slash people who try to change current situation for better is very bizarre.

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