To see someone, what does it mean?

The machine of our mind and how it is tuned to notice things, to which details we pay attention to and which we do not, for those who consider outer characteristics important measures of people the machine truly is working only one way. For those to whom to know someone is to look at and pick up clues to which stick and rely on, machine mind works as any factory robot. It is the simplest way of discriminating and separating humans. Stupidity with this kind of method of knowing anything is that most information stay unfound. Lazy mind trusts information seen and trusts the idea that any peculiarity and difference is a threat and laughably to be shut out without need to be understood as normal part of humanity. What is normal can be very narrow image and most of us do not want to understand or expand their horizon with variety. Variety and multiculturalism is dangerous and flammable, one can ask why so? Clashes between opposites are more likely to happen because neither can give up their truth. To move closer to one another means desire to understand and accept. Saddest thing is when it is the parent who does not want to understand and see his/her child as she/he is, when parents have their image set what child should be and reality is quite different of the imagined one. To imagine someone to be something and then be disappointed when that illusion does not fit reality. When someone is more than the imagined set of characteristics, ideals to fit into, for example ideal of a woman. That ideal is a highly minimized human being made to serve and settle for the given ideas, person who must be afraid to make an exception trying to do differently.
To see someone or that someone to stay unseen can be a choice or it can be a given strategy. We don’t want to see, we don’t want to be seen. We choose to display parts of ourselves like toes, harmless, and we must be seen to be whole persons still. We do not trust people whom we do not see. How seen can we be or is good for us to be seen is an interesting issue as to hide oneself can be done in so many ways and the expose of oneself plays tunnel-like vision where images move fast, where we look and look but don’t see and fun of the process where we play with image of ourselves, fun of exposure, fun of visibility and being recognized, fun of speed and the issue of what is actually being exposed blurring.



HD and the ability of seeing

What do we see?
Do we not see? We do not see enough. Did you see that? Can you tell me what did you see.
What is it we do not see? We fail to see? Is there too much to see? Could you see my point of view? Could you understand how I see? I am not sure if I see as you do. Why do you see as you do? What affects your ability of seeing? How much technology helps us to see better? Does it merely frame and distract and make things look better than they are?
How seeing and thinking are connected? In a way we appreciate and value the things we are surrounded by and look at or don’t. We toss things aside so we don’t see them anymore, but they do not seize to exist even though we push them aside. What do we praise as beautiful? Advertising, moving images, fashion, cars and how these things expand or lives and experiencing it?
Visual world is much the one we make. Something is lost. I am constantly bothered by it and the question why we make as we do. What do we want to see and what is considered valuable visually, visual content, visual material, visual us. How value is measured, with money or peace of mind tranquility which follows experiencing beautiful environment? Because all people do not have beautiful environmental experience daily, it seems they are not worth it and they cannot afford it. More and more environment has to be granted like a gift not as a human right.