James B.

Am I so used to sexism in movies that James Bond (from Russia with Love) sexism strikes me only as funny relic, which is true today of course (has not gone anywhere), and is more sad kind of funny than something that should be taken very seriously (as it should) or is it the concept of James Bond that makes it acceptable to perceive women as targets of male sexual fantasy, fuckable or not fuckable because the main character is good-looking, athletic, cosmopolitan who has adventurous and again seductive job, so sexism is fine and funny in this case? Women characters are highly caricatured in Bond movies either ugly, evil and old or beautiful, young, dangerous, sexual, open to harassment and suggestions and seductive in the fashion of the time. It can be easier to accept such subtle and seductive manner of playing sexism because in real life I am so up-to-here that my response is always immediate and aggressive. One can be pushed just as far as to the edge and you should not push me further.
It can be difficult to judge a man who is in continuum saving the world. Women are offered to him and offer themselves to him because he turns all on. Hedonism of James Bond is appealing and is easy to like a good-looking hedonist who enjoys beautiful things. Women come and go. Attachment is too much to take in his spying business.