Intimate relationship: trying to have some fucking fun.

How many bin Ladens do you make when you kill bin Laden?

(making that money.)

We don’t like those stupid and crazy. We know what is stupid and what is crazy. To eliminate those among us to hold community clean, free, happy, intact and more importantly hygienic and safe. You understand, yes. It is our right as people of God. Chosen ones, choose the ones.

Mother of Madness
Mother of Comfort
Mother of Thieves
Mother of Tears

Mother of Psychosis
Mother of Mercy
Mother of Bread
Mother of Night
Mother of the Lost

Mother of Anti-Social Tendency
Mothers of The Disappeared

Mothers of The Executed
Mothers of Tigers
Mothers of The Lonely
Mothers of Terrorists

Mothers of The Dissidents
Mothers of The Freedom Fighters
Mothers of Strangers
Mother of Suspicion

Mothers of Comfort