Kill Darling Kill- what is love for, in the civilized world. It is murder, the world.

It is a mission. Means are cheap, easy as possible and serving to the cause. How interesting. Demonic killer. It is all for good, in the means for good, people as good, but opposite results. It is so obvious. The good. Impressed. deeply corrupt.

Lone wolf is a dangerous species or is believed to be by those who do not know better. People filled with fear for the unknown. Solitude is feared and unknown. I don’t know if it is endangered. Silence and solitude. I have a feeling it is not. Intolerable in it’s the lack of will to participate. It is hugely difficult to understand its, wolf’s quality, wolves, why they are as they are. It is a common thought that they, the wolves, have the mistake in them. That is the mistake, error in seeing.