What would not be about power?

It is about how we see ourselves compared to others. What we can do in relation to others, what kind of possibilities we have and how do we find our potential which and what there is to be found as long as we live. Education is the key issue what comes to understanding and taking over one’s power and put it in use. Power, the feeling and the position, is much dependent on other people. To let people have power or take it away. To know how to use power and understand how not to use it, morals step in the game. How morally good and superior can we be when we have more power than most?

One’s power position can be out of balance delusional and one can think one’s power gained is well deserved to exploit as much as one can and profit out of it. This comes to mind always when thinking about power and what is done with it. It is a force that you either have or do not. It is given and some people are born with it and they are let know that they are very powerful as beings which can lead to thinking power is god given. We learn about the power we have in the environment we grow. Also the powerless learn about power. What is power for the powerless is education not imitating those who act as if they own the world and can do whatever they desire. Nowadays money is power as it always has been and we feel powerless when we do not have any.

Many people do not deserve power they have gained because they use it to benefit themselves even more. Such aspirations can be disguised as working for the public good, which happens in art. Much art which is displayed in prestige places tend to reflect what is power and is a clear image of the self-centred, egoist and elitist idea that those in power know what kind of power they have, how to show that they have power in good taste and style, that power is a possession of theirs and they share it when they decide with people who fit their world and enjoy the same illusions of a perfect world. Friends, connections, wealth, possessions, status, positions, visibility, it is obvious that those are the things to be protected not shared and if these things make one even more wealthy even better.

In art power relations come to show as full-blown illness which cannot be cured because it is so intoxicating. The power art has is that it can lift one so high to be adored and idolised it is tempting to abuse it. All sorts of thoughts go through one’s head when someone says one is an artist, one is a curator, art critic, museum director, collector etc. They all have a position in the system which moves very slowly.