To break boundaries that are seen as unbreakable.

Hell breaks loose quite often to make the headlines. Celebrities vs. nobodies and how can celebrity culture help break cultural norms or can it? What kind of people are lifted up the ladder for us to watch is certainly a question to look through and what kind of people the audience is interested in. When people seem like copies of each other in the spot light we can wonder why difference and disturbance/change is not allowed. Is it the sound of a cash register we hear and like to hear, dream about? Is it the clone we wish to be ourselves in a minidress and blond hair repeating what people want to hear over and over again. Tell us what you eat and how you work out, who are you wearing and are you having a clothing line of your own? Thank you so much. To want to crush the ongoing show of nonsense is a scandal which is a scandal itself why something frivolous makes scandals, how the true scandal goes unnoticed. Scandalous is the obsession with a narrow tale of humanity and with womanhood. To want to scratch open the surface of celluloid is pure common sense and should be seen a deed of a sensible normal human being. Getting sick of repetition and abuse is what healthy people do. People’s need to be exploited is something I never understand and defend those who exploit is incomprehensible.

There are plenty of those limitations for women especially which are almost holy that doing against is an abomination and cause of serious punishment, legally or collectively. To think how does it feel like to be imprisoned by a role or a situation is to learn to think other points of views, comprehend feelings of other people who face things you would never face and learn to think actions done in more merciful and non-judgmental way. To think what something feels like is to learn empathy. One can go as far as experimenting, though it never is an authentic situation still, but gives a glimpse of what goes on in someone’s head, what kinds of options there are available to act and invent for oneself. We are very emotional, dictated by emotions more than reason. Our reasoning is often based on feelings and thinking we know, on traditions that guide our ways of living and interacting in quite obsessive way. This concerns women in particular. Policing what women do and how women are is a norm. It is not surprising that most paparazzis are men. Women who are in public eye living their lives, not how they are expected to live but as they see themselves best, seem to get attention that is sexist, misogynist and oppressive. Rule that makes headlines when broken does not allow much. Discipline is a doll and there where celebrity stars are made variety and experimentation is not celebrated. Sometimes people become celebrities when they break the rules (it is a thing and encouraged by the media). Fame is something wanted desperately but what to do with it other than pose? Make money of course. “In her treatment of Billie Holiday and Whitney Houston — two artists who, after years of struggling with drug addiction, broken hearts and rumors about their sexuality, died tragically — Doyle’s lineage is especially compelling.”