Hypocrisy is a safety net, a mask to look better than you actually are. It is denial of facts, to do otherwise than you tell to do, should be done, would be good to do. It is more of a normality than obscurity to act hypocritically. It is telling there is much fear of letting you be yourself, to admit your true opinions, your true face, to disagree. Fear of loss is great.

Prejudices stick hard, almost unbelievably tough. To know personally gay people, mentally ill, poor, rich, people of different ethnic backgrounds, different classes, people who think differently, look different, act different etc. is essential in making world more tolerant, therefore ghettos, isolation, divisions keep prejudices alive. For not people to marginalize in an unsatisfactory way left in loneliness they have to do something about prejudices themselves. It is scary to meet people who hate you because you are gay, as it is scary if they hate you being a woman. How would that kind of meeting happen and what would happen? A hate crime or public hugging? Prejudices function strangely in an imagined fantasy world, simplistically focusing on weakness. Working on comparison between those who think are strong to evaluate those who seem weak. Weakness is intolerable still, weaknesses seem easy to spot and strengths are there to be grasped if you are willing to join group of strong and able to, having those abilities required. Groups of those who think are mighty and strengthen their existence as a community. Comparison and division, separation, isolation, it is a familiar behavioral pattern. It is a lonely spot to think differently, but what can you do but be honest with yourself. How honest must one be and how dear a feature honesty is altogether?

Normal and abnormal having a battle in our everyday in us. We go through thinking is that what we do normal and acceptable and try to find ways to preferably stay in that frame of normal and acceptable. In this picture art is very much welcomed as mixing the pack and moving barriers of thinking patterns and ways of seeing. Therefore artists are also seen as dangerous hazardous and suspicious people. They like to think themselves and do as they please, at least some of them since art scene is also regulated and appropriated by rules of proper. Insanity is much of a taboo, but fully with us since we daily face it, like it or not, acknowledge it or not. We define insanity ourselves, what is mad for us, what is a crazy thing to do equals to something you would not do and you disapprove. Or it is hip and outrageous behavior. Go figure. Insanity entails danger in any social scene, art is no exception. Danger of losing face, danger in irrationality and unexpectedness. Art is not free of prejudices, unfortunately. As it seems prejudices go stronger the smaller and isolated the group is. Contemporary art scene has isolated itself very effectively. To say artists are like that has been common enough for me to hear in the arts and outside of it. One problematic issue being ideas of inside and outside of it. What are they like exactly? There is a stereotype of an artist which creates partly the whole scene of arts. If art is strongly divided into an outer part of society what is it for, who does it serve? Prejudices and fascist ideas do not fit my idea of spirit of art nor spirit of equal mankind.

How could art be fascist!?OMG