You do not have power.

You do not have power

I am nothing.
I have nothing.
I come from nothing.
I know nothing.
I was born yesterday.
Tomorrow I will be born yesterday.
This is something I struggle to understand.
I am defined by others.
I can’t define myself.
I do not understand.
I am so young.
I am so silent.
Wet behind my ears, naked in front of everybody, puzzled.
Reason for my existence is this:
act childlike, be helpless, speak with soft voice, smile, be kind.
Don’t have lots of sex with men, don’t think you can have lots of sex with men, but be willing. Don’t show your pain, don’t talk about your pain. Tell what has happened to you, don’t tell what has happened to you. Don’t wander around, don’t look for knowledge, don’t think you have got talent, don’t think you are special, don’t think you are rational.

What is a proper laughter for women? Hold your hand in front of your mouth? Be timid. Women shouldn’t laugh loudly like hyenas, like monkeys, like donkeys even though they are subhuman. Don’t look untended, don’t look unfinished even though you are unfinished. Don’t lift heavy objects, don’t do dirty work, don’t do men’s work, you are not capable. Don’t wear revealing clothing, but be naked, because you are, we see you.

Don’t be better than men, keep your composure, keep calm, keep the look, keep smiling. Don’t speak up, don’t speak out. Don’t speak against, don’t contradict. Don’t show long face, don’t show discontent, don’t complain, criticise, but not too much, we don’t want to hear it. Don’t swear, don’t act manly, don’t walk manly, don’t sit manly. Don’t get drunk. Don’t be humourless, don’t be uptight, don’t disagree, don’t be a bitch. Don’t think you have power.


En mä, tiedä kannattaako sitä luonnollisuudella ja biologialla ja historialla mitään paljon selitellä, että olemme sellaisia, koska joku on niin säätänyt, eikä säädetystä poiketa. Vanhemmuudesta vielä, se on vaikea juttu, todella. Sitä ei kovin moni hetero osaa. En tiedä, voiko heteroille antaa vanhemmuuden avaimia lainkaan. Jos sukupuolinen suuntautuminen määrää millainen vanhempi on, niin ja millainen lapsesta tulee, mitä voimme päätellä heteroiden vanhemmuutta harjoittavassa maailmassa lopputuloksesta. Hyvässä vanhemmuudessa ei ole kyse rahasta, niinkuin moni luulee. Tai että ei halua kuulla huonoista jutuista lapsensa elämässä. Jos ei ole ketään kelle kertoa elämänsä paskasta, niin se on melko paska tilanne. Heterot vois ryhdistäytyä, ennen kuin on liian myöhäistä. Jos rakastaminen ja välittäminen eivät riitä, eivätkä kiinnosta, millainen elämä ja kokemusmaailma, saati ihmiskuva siitä syntyy. Tai ei ole käsitystä mitä nämä asiat ovat, kuinka niitä toteutetaan ja miksi niitä pitäisi olla koko ajan harjoittamassa. Miehen ja naisen mallit, joilla heterovanhemmuutta puolustetaan, ovat toissijaisia asioita noiden kahden rinnalla. Vakavaa, joo.


Future of Change. I wish and work for change, to change, for a change, give me some change, change a tune for a change, change clothes, change the way you walk, change the way you live. I think about it so much it has become a mantra and I begin to play with the thought of change, the word, what it means to me, what it means to anybody. Is it difficult, because for me it is a necessity and a self-evident part of life. As I see it people are afraid of changes, especially those which demand us to give up something. Changes may have an ominous tone in them, a silent doom. Change is absolute, good and bad, profitable. There is a thought of profit in the word. To change there must be something to gain, there must be an end and a thought of a new beginning. Also economically it can be wise to learn to give instead of taking.

But in the light of everything

what happens now in the world, it looks like things do change rabidly one way or the another. To demand world to change for better is a cry. Is it too common a phrase to be taken seriously? What kind of attitudes there are in general towards changing habits, attitudes, altering ways of knowing, looking, needing, wanting and doing? It is requiring substantial volume to make dramatic changes happen, a lot of energy, focusing and learning. I say dramatic because changes to make our ways of living sustainable and wiser need a total turnover. That means a lot of work. Not looking for easy ways out, there aren’t any.

How to be a unicorn.

Dear tourists, you who escape and fly to beautiful resorts and wish to enjoy fantastic exotic natural clean environment, warmth and relaxed atmosphere to do things you do not do at home, experience and see something extraordinary for this extraordinary be part of you. What is fun is a very personal feeling, a choice, a preference, interest, way to experience, a matter of what kinds of things turn us on and give us joy, pleasure and make us feel alive, what we want to show of ourselves and be like. To go far away is to feel alive and become experienced, cultured, having had the luxury, being privileged enough to have had the time and money to travel. Idea of travelling is important, choosing where one wants to go and why, as leaving is refreshing, renewing. It is part of the enjoyment of travelling that responsibilities are left behind. While travelling one can use something and discard it, there are people who clean it after you.

My proposal is to renew the idea of the everyday tourist. Consider the amount of waste you produce. Consider how you travel and where. Clean the beach before you sunbathe. Reconsider the idea of fun and experiencing. Think what is your purpose as a traveller, what is that place you go to, purpose of travelling for you, purpose of you to that place, taking the time to go as a person who can. What kinds of things you pay attention to and why?

Freedom, it is our freedom, form of freedom defining shape.

Does travelling broaden the mind? The Monday question.
If it does not do the trick, then what is needed to make the impact in the mission of expanding the human mind?

How come your world is a square although you have travelled so much? Let me know, I’m anxious to learn more. I’m asking because square and rectangular seem to be the most used geometrical forms of expression.

Lumière is a girl in jeans

Lumière a girl in jeans, look at the light. Where do you place your hands?
He asked if I had gone any further.
How far do you want me to go?
What do you think I should find? Is it something particular?

I try to measure every word and I realise it is not enough, because then I am not me, but trying to please someone else.

Vulva is a door. It is a sow and woman riding it. She lifting her skirt with dagger in her hand. Sight chases the demons away. Pit of chastity, of virtue, entry, passage way, vestibule, horns of Uterus, Fallobian tubes, Interforamireum, space between two holes, Genitalis Mueliebris Ambitus. There was a time when female genitalia had no shame, women didn’t have to be ashamed of their bodies.

To take a dip into hellish visual reality, attacked by refined junk. Negativity in the absolute, positive push: finished, perfected, brushed and polished images. Wrappings and packages, boxes, bags, plastics to burst
coverings of great delicacy, of something to want, desirable ones, items to have. Female body is strictly regulated possession, it is under conscious and cruel use of power. We monitor consciously and unconsciously bodies of ours and others to fit in. It is obsessive and means are never enough. This is an everyday topic, topic of attraction and what kind of options we have and are given.

Blue knee/Precipitation

A person who makes the weather, someone called bird of the ill weather. Person who has bad karma or just bad attitude towards life and brings it on everybody like weather. How affected are we and yet not, staying unaware and needy, makers of change. To use weather as a verb that makes us and makes us make, the ultimate moulder of earth and how we make our living. The more exited we get the more we produce carbon dioxide, Spiritus Sylvestre, wild spirit.

Fast breathing, sweating and steaming, climate at high altitude is thin, thin air. Precipitation phenomena of accelerators, Oscillations, Nervousness ineluctable looming up irrepressible presence and parchment almost completely scattered in a moment. Intolerable desire and urge to continue.

Speed of change, speed of time, there is a time capsule in change, my time in every moment. I have no time. Waiting it to happen, saying, phrasing what it is one wants to change. Framing to tell we have no other alternative. It is settling and alarming at the same time, maybe an effort to find crystallised, a meaning and explanation of what happens, what might happen and why. Timing, what happens with timing, in time, in waiting, in lining up, in hurry, in speed which media and civilization bring to our lives. Speed of pictures, speed of events, speed of a runner, speed of a shutter, speed of changing clothes. Speeding, measuring, comparing, working, staying put.