Mother of


How many bin Ladens do you make when you kill bin Laden?

(making that money.)

We don’t like those stupid and crazy. We know what is stupid and what is crazy. To eliminate those among us to hold community clean, free, happy, intact and more importantly hygienic and safe. You understand, yes. It is our right as people of God. Chosen ones, choose the ones.

Mother of Madness
Mother of Comfort
Mother of Thieves
Mother of Tears
Mother of Psychosis
Mother of Mercy
Mother of Bread
Mother of Night
Mother of the Lost
Mother of Anti-Social Tendency
Mothers of The Disappeared
Mothers of The Executed
Mothers of Tigers
Mothers of The Lonely
Mothers of Terrorists
Mothers of The Dissidents
Mothers of The Freedom Fighters
Mothers of Strangers
Mother of Suspicion
Mothers of Comfort

Blind boys running downhill. I really have witnessed it happening. Oh I have seen the Japanese garden. Fill in the blank, but I don’t think you’ll get the job, Motherfucker.

Elbows wrists, elbows wrists, a pornographic magazine under the loo carpet.
Sudden movements and sighs.

Who is that flying through the air? Cover yourself itzy bitzy spider. Limbs breaking the brisk air.

Terrible kleptomaniac spent warmly days in the sun of love. (Don’t ask for permission just do it.)

Call me anything you like, Unemployed Hashtag, Ach Scheissenheit! I’m a real hipster, which definition was quite a surprise to me. Definitely, and it is forever, class and grace of knowing what to wear.

To understand

It is demanding to be kind to people.
It is demanding to be kind to the world.
It is demanding to be kind to animals.
It is demanding to be kind to strangers.
It is demanding to be kind to those you know. It is demanding to be kind to those you don’t know.
It is demanding to be kind towards nature.
It is demanding to be kind to yourself.
It is demanding to be kind to insects.
It is demanding to be kind to people you do not like.
It is demanding to be kind to people you are mean to. It is demanding to be kind to the street.

To understand what is and what is not.
To understand what you are and what you are not.
To understand why and why not.
To understand what you can do and what you can’t.
To understand how all happens and how things do not.
To understand what is said and what is not.
To understand this place and not.
To understand what to say and not.
To understand what is your place and what is not.
To understand right and wrong and not.
To understand how things work and not.
To understand your potential and not.

Performance two

There is a jar, a large glass jar half full of water on the table.
There is a group of people around the table and then there is you. Group of people standing by the table. The person in charge takes the jar, goes to an open window and pours the water out the window in silence.
Glass jar is returned to the table and given to one of those people standing by the table, then this person shouts or screams in to the jar in one’s own way.
Performance is finished when everyone has passed on the jar,
till everyone has screamed or shouted in the jar. No words, just noise.

Escaped surprise

Green the color, yellow the color, leaves the color, color that left. Or it is there to notify, some shade of bright to make us see an enterprise, initiative of particular. Endless topic of us of what color are we, what season, what ideology do we stand for, we do stand for, always for something and like. Necessity to like to feel enjoyment and standing. What color to like, what colorless question to let out and what plain answer to give, short answer, because one is entitled to answer to such question of basic personal favorite. What is your personal input in this? Could one ask why do you want to know? Such attitude is hostile, to question the question. Does the answer make one more soft, acceptable and friendly when you know person’s most liked shade, named, preferred, enjoyed the wavelength of light hitting that wall of corrugated iron.

Sisustustaiteen ammattilainen, kuinka määrittelet ammattilaisuuden, ja entä taiteen? Tiedät siis, mikä on laatua ja sinulla on laaja verkosto, kuinka taide on esillä, miten taide on arjessa ja millainen taide myy? Entä millä on arvoa, taiteellista, esteettistä ja taloudellista? Millainen taide kiinnostaa kuluttajaa, onko sellaista ja onko se aina se hinta ensisijaisesti?

Perform a blowjob in a gallery space. Museum space would be even better.

Perform a blowjob in a gallery space, a museum space is even better.

Instructions: You are among a crowd (friends). Get slightly drunk. Offer a man to get down on him right now in front of all these people you do not know (friends). Fall on your knees and lick his crotch. Open his belt and caress his thighs. Be graphic. If he refuses follow him on your knees. Tell you are very good at it. Ask in front of everybody, if it is ok to perform in front of everybody and perform anyway. Be loud, say please. Ask why he refuses. Don’t you like it? Don’t stop, follow him. Be persistent. Say it is good fun and that you are cheap. If he is not willing ask why. I am not cheap enough, you ask. Say you are desperate. Say that you have heard you like it, I’m sure you’ll like it. Look at my mouth, say. Tell it is good fun and you have been dreaming about doing it exactly with someone like you. I like your smile. Don’t stop until you are removed and kicked out of the place for disturbance and continue to do it outside gallery space.

Another idea: Hire a male prostitute and go to a museum opening among people you do not know (friends and colleagues). When speeches are over and people are enjoying cocktails, themselves, choose a visible spot. Go on your knees and give the male prostitute a good old-fashioned blowjob. Don’t forget to swallow. Don’t stop sucking his penis even though you will be interrupted and told to get lost. Talk dirty, shout loudly and laugh, lick everything.

Perform a blowjob in a gallery space.