Her illness is not hers, from her. It is the damaged society that claims it is her that is ill. She reacts to insanity around.

She seems as if she was not a real person. Only when she began to show signs of dissatisfaction which were carefully reported in media, signs of irregular behavior and grief. When she began to break out of her impeccable industry-wise flawless facade it was said she went crazy and needed to rest. She is a money-making doll without any other agenda, but she is a human being and that human being began to show. It is a touchy topic of losing one’s grip, grip from given strict frame from where she is not allowed to step out in public. Doing the opposite of what is expected her to do she shocks us, makes us laugh at her and at her illness, her stupidity, her fault, her flaw and her death as a pop icon. She tried to ruin what we think is her place and her job to deliver for us by doing shameful unreasonable hopping around and everybody followed. If she does not do what we think she should do, we push her over board and kill her. If she destroys what a woman is supposed to be we punish her. She has more than the most of us, we are allowed to rule her.

Bitching means to say what you really think and give an honest opinion. That is not expected of her. So bitching is useful and needed as is honesty. So why not call it that and not bitching. Honesty is beautiful. It makes people grow and see themselves as what they are. Bitching is different from speaking ones mind when there is need for it. Though I have wondered the use of SM-clothing, manners, body language and equipment in pop music. Is it to simulate bitching and attitude. Since lots of pop culture is available for people who are underage, what does such bitching mean to say exactly. Pop is hyper-sexual in imagery and therefore the contradictions in how imagery and behavior are regulated and dictated does not add up nor make hugely understandable logical sane message. As I understand it is fine to act crazy but not be one, it is fine to act and fantasize wild sexual play but in real life sexuality is a taboo and one of the biggest fights are over what is right and what isn’t what comes to expressing sexuality.
A superstar in a cellophane wrapping in high heels just like any other female mega star. She. The stereotype does not vary that much. It is not allowed to. It is the role of women in public eye not to give themselves as they are. That would be emotional whoring. If they were allowed to actually express themselves an order would break, power balance would change, the message too. Instead they are dreams to sell from a factory, an image, a sound and an act with strong sexual appeal, extremely strong. Sexuality is the basic marketing tool and an asset. Dolls do not and must not reveal themselves though. That is part of the play of keeping the distance and keeping the act of pop, a secret and likability. Lovable, kind, gentle, sexual, beautiful, distant, perfect, undemanding, not knowing too much, presentable, bubbly, funny, enjoyable, cute, young, fresh, new..Too many dimension is difficult, so keep it simple. It is part of their appeal, part of ‘their’ art that there is that unreachable something; a star faraway glowing her beauty and singing songs, dancing for us. How a person, a girl who wants to dance and sing for her living ends up being a product and agrees to the terms of sexist, abusive industry. Fortune and Fame is what we all want, isn’t it. Price is quite heavy.