About fragility, and what has art got to do with it.

How often I have heard the phrase artists are fragile, or drunk, unstable with strong libido, unreliable, weird so that one has to be checked out if one can come to a fancy dinner party with curators etc. Yes, as an artist I’m a special fairy, broken, available for any kinds of use, because I’m desperate to succeed. How did you know.

How about that for irony. What if you guys update to this decade. How fragile am I?


I’m tested if I’m ok, but are you ..ok? Isn’t it ..weird, to be tested, oh yeah, she’s..ok-

o fucking k. What the Hell? Who are you to test me? Master of fucking Kung Fu?
I’ll kick your fucking ass fucking aha. Testing testing bla bla how is your small t. Fucking fuck fuc ing ing

Kiss my behind bing. You would if you could.

Pakettiauto tien reunassa, ovet auki, eikä ketään missään.  Pysähtynyt auki jatkuva Nurmikko, kyltti, harmaa   teippi auton kyljessä, käännös, tie. Silmäni eivät pysy auki, olen törmännyt en mihinkään niin painavaan, liikkumattomaan, epäilyyn, ihmetykseen, kuin ohitukseen. Pelästynyt peili. Usko omaan erehtymättömyyteensä on paha virhe.

Incredible string band on the route 10. In a beauty salon window; what a good reflection using chrystals. I cannot do anything but walk and pay attention. Walked near the railroad to the bushes, sat down and ate an apple, Autumn bushes, blue sky, milk truck went by.

Lily Nebula, Bear, left peelings to rot behind, icterine warbler, Coco, blowing balloons can be the bestest thing in a day. There were four big ones in one bag, balloons in different colours.