Celebrities operate surgery of souls, brainwash of minds making mindless production of culture and abuse acceptable norm.

The one thing molding the whole idea of womanhood now, and of course manhood as well, is celebrity culture which is overwhelming. Movies, music, fashion, technological advancements and people who get to be on the spotlight for what ever reason, create the culture we live in right now and in the future. It is incomprehensible mass of images, videos, interviews and texts which do not have any other function than to promote certain people, make them be seen and make them wealthy. This is what we have agreed to do. We enjoy to follow these people who we think we know and want to be like them. Have position and status of theirs, looks and bodies of theirs. Surgery of souls is an acute phrase to use as we are slaves to this media madness and liking it without wanting to get rid of it. How could we even do that. The atmosphere and public opinion seem to note there is nothing we can do to change something that is bigger than us. What is bigger than the public? There is a misconception of influence of one, influence of a consumer. That we are users and abusers, discarding and selecting out of variety of choices choosing what to say and share. We make choices as individuals as much individualistic as we can be, but are we eventually one mind or do we become one mind at any point? It appears as mindlessness of billions of minds, messages multiplying image of ours and of celebrities. We choose to have celebrities as guides, we choose to be interested in their lives and love them. Give them attention and affection. Spend on them.

Pure belief in goodness and kind sharing of a precious moment.
Queens and kings:
Beyoncé has made it by sinking into the world of plastic as something different. Sinking into money maybe in a new way, making it with a bang. She sings about love and making it as a woman. Strength is the word women obviously desire to have and that is what she likes to praise. Female strength. Do we all know what that is? 
Strength, is it the same as power, energy, force of life that moves us. Will power with strategy to win. It is a godly thing, religious belief in oneself because you are a star and as Beyoncé says everybody is and she was born to be. Huge or small a bright thing, unreachable and mysterious with something to give and with shine to dazzle. Potential. One just has to find the thing one is good at and can shine in on everybody and most of all over oneself, because empowerment is what being a star is about. Star does not exist because of others, but because itself. 
Even though it is clear feminism has never been gone as women have to struggle their way to the top. Women breath feminism whether they like it or not. We are bound to feminism and what it has accomplished in over a hundred years and continues to accomplish. The United States offers a peculiar scene of a dream so many want to reach, but very few do. Yearly listings of financially most successful people in entertainment are part of making that dream a concrete happening. To be part of something admirable, happiness, hard work, luck and talent. Wanting badly.

Primal level of penetration and fetish. Who is the most outrageous, in a way groundbreaking, but not innovative, revealing the most, sexiest and fuckable babe. Nothing too difficult. Who is the most wanted piece of ass is easy to understand.

How critical big money entertainment allows its stars to be depends on how successful they are? How critical big money artists actually dare to be – not very or not at all. To be critical towards the business world and society does not prevent from being successful, or does it? Feminism surely is the strong hate word, banned ideology. Controversy and heavy critique can make tsunami-like response in sales. Who would want to change a world that moves with such easy recipes. Place for criticism is easily found. It is there by feminists, anti-capitalists, socialists and anarchists and is targeted against the full-blown pornographic imagery of entertainment, which also represents all of the business world, all of economy. One can see erotic self-expression as freedom or exploitation, admiration for notorious crime-filled underworld, prostitution, drugs, guns and fast cars and hot babes in furs in tiny swimsuits sucking their fingers.
Power of female entertainers is much boosted with explicit contents, leather, pvc-outfits, clear references to prostitution and other dangerous living. Not much is left for imagination. In a way music videos work as short movies they should be viewed as such, the art of video is art of advertising. All of the movie is an ad. Direct tutorials of how to live, narratives for youth of today. We are what we consume. Maybe power of this kind which reaches tens and hundreds of millions of people can be questioned rightfully as it should. Are we worried who is under influence and how do those affected take the impact, message and cultural load given? It seems so very light. Or should it be called cultural task of figuring out moral codes and what to do. Luring pictures of way of life with riches and enjoyments make an odd parallel universe and it leaves the millions of individuals wondering how to get there and should we. Main subject of argument being the objectification of women, misogyny and discrimination of women. Conversations can and must be taken over, over and over again what is done to women and femininity if anything. What is control in this picture? What can and must be expressed? What remains unsaid, what is too touchy a topic?
Janet Mock on Beyonce’s Feminism