Strong moral conviction: what a solid good set of words and not just words but an idea of how to live.

When universities do not seem to hold such conviction, how can society have it, how can every individual have it when society does not? What is place of universities if it is not to educate people the best possible way? If university serves as merit factory, diploma plant without even trying to provide best possible teaching, without obviously knowing what is best possible education there is, what do universities serve? Corporations, individual ambitions? When you have university for morons I understand if students are taught as morons, otherwise I do not accept poor quality from university. Yes you can have a good reputation, if that is a bubble it is short-lived reputation full of air. High standard is the only standard for high education. Anything other pisses me off, especially if I have to learn something what I already know just because it is compulsory. That is wasting my time and money. Surely university should be interested in such not so tiny matter as what their students can do when they enter the school! Also pay attention: it is far more important what the contents is than how things seem outside.
In general strong moral conviction means that we are responsible for our actions to other people, that our actions have consequences and we have to deal with those upcoming consequences. We can’t turn our back’s and think problems as vast as we are facing are problems of those others far away. Something which has happened in history effecting today does not mean it is not our task to make things better and take responsibility for something that clearly has a profound impact today such as colonialism has had. History of entitlement and privilege has not gone anywhere.