Sermon for the Easter day Monday, a talk hack, a mind hack.

Isn’t it strange to live in a world of illusions, in a world where there is talk that means nothing, if it means something it is to hurt, advertise and just talk to make noise without a pause, where there is talk just to make time pass, to make conversation: How are you doing and so on. To talk of other people’s businesses as they were your business is a form of therapy. The kind of self-help in which there is no self-reflection in a healing manner, but there is something to be let out. What that something is can be quite  violent and brutal emotionally negative junkyard bringing joy for those who take part and like to roll over in that mud of human mind. Gossiping has been a way to interact, take part, inform, keep the community rules traditionally old-fashioned and in force effective without change, talk behind one’s back to keep on shaming, a punishment that should be feared and avoided. Gossip makes a division clear, there are those others who do things we would not do. Gossiper does not face oneself, there isn’t progress other than growing news in the air which can be shared with friends. Gossip is jewels and something to own. This form of collective therapy does not change those who take part in spreading the info. It is meant to uplift the morally stronger, those who hide but enjoy dirt like pastry and it is meant to be fun for those who do it, to see those below who are targeted and betrayed, hit in disguise from behind the corner. It is a form of lying as there is no blame for those who gossip. They are released and liberated. They are doing the ground work for creating public fables and facades which last for decades for those who hear and read tales created.

Knowledge which is private, personal has gotten out there, a secret which is forbidden to talk about. Knowledge of the wrong of sharing forbidden info is part of the fun. Danger is there but it is on the good side who knows what is good. Vice made honorable by a crowd who share and agree. The most important things are the need to know, need to talk, what else? What gossip is all about is deeply rooted and a culture of old habits that will not vanish. Gossip is culturally an important phenomenon without a doubt and a huge part of our daily culture, a massive part. Interest in what people unknown to us do, how they do and why is not all about hurt and domination. Who dominates what plays an important role as well. What is true, what is said, what is left untold and why a lie is more easy to believe than the truth. What kind of images we want to see and believe are true, how we reflect and compare ourselves make curious predictable patterns. There is desire to imitate. We maybe admire those who expose themselves, who want to be under observation and the looking eye. How are we so trapped by vulture culture enjoying all it brings? For some reason there is demand and supply, a never-ending need to bring out the worst features and shallowest of us in front. Impacts on all of society are profound.

Stand up for yourself

The constant search for acceptance ends at some point. It ends when there is nothing else received but disapproval, contempt, sadness and disappointment. Fundamental question is what is there to give? What do we give each other? It is a moment of complete realization of randomness, selfishness, something to gain and coincidence. What is good, what is ill, which one to choose and why. Only thing one can do is not to fail oneself. It is that I am my best friend and the only person to take care of me. This person who is me knows what I can do. So why seek any approval when there is none to be found. Everything is for sale but me. Something is finished at that point when I stand up for myself, when need to be loved by someone else does not guide me and what I do. End of being on mercy of anyone. It is to accept randomness and irrationality of life, human mind, emotions and lunacy of our deeds, but also understanding that I can make a difference. Those things I cannot control stay there, if I can’t control anything it is a dead-end. What I decide to think and do still has meaning. Do I wish to do good or do I wish to do ill and how random those choices are. How much do our emotions guide what we do is important to take into consideration. Humans are by nature active in making and by seeing what we have accomplished we can appreciate ourselves. Where does narcissism begin and where does it end?