Most likely not, but it is possible.

first of all you Canadians (which could still technically be americans, being in north america) are all rude people. doesn’t sound very nice generalizing an entire country does it? How does her performance here make her a slut? maybe not very talented, but doesn’t have any connection to her way of life/relationships. and she didn’t make millions doing this, she has millions, so why does she need to try to make any more? but I do have to say she has gotten better after this.honestly everyone who says she playbacks is DELUSIONAL!! GO BACK TO LADY GAGA WHO IS THE WORST SINGER EVER!! I LOVE BRITNEY AND SHE DOESN’T LIPSYNC!!
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yeah honestly guys, wow. like be nice. I really should have shown fucking my ass. ❤
How much does it take to cause a stir? a fucking lol. fucking idiots. fucking fuck fuckers and more (please get upset, I insist.)