Pussy Power, writings on t-shirts for women.

God made me, God made bananas.
bitter sweet, taste of summer ϖ
jamais nothing but perfect, I love cock.
Thin Lizzy: believe in unicorns
Are you crazy, bro?
parental advisory explicit content
I love NY
Pussy Power, puspus kisskiss
The harm wgeb fenake intellwct is by far default less.
There are things that are horribly sad, it is not me.
Flames colors to better everybody, who wants to be famous.
Natural Born Killer, see u in hell
What kind of system is the world of beauty?
People who have nothing, what do they do?
Conflicting interests, make yourself into a ball:
but can she fly? Who knows. Give her a good Push.
results of thinking, itzy witzy tiny bitzy. mf.
pleasures in pain, we have got so much money, we swim in it, pleasures Ah
What is music in movies supposed to tell us? Idea of a female.
I went to the grocery store and this is what I’ve got. MiLF.
strange items
I ♥ tight pussy