All the things u can do by the pool

All the things u can do by the pool, guassi, 2009

All the things u can do by the pool

Meet a naked vibrating man, to be an inconsiderable prick and float. Take part in an orgy, routine penetration, make love, moan, hold your feet in the water, move your feet, have a drink, have another drink, have a tan, put sun lotion on, jump in the water, splash the water, play in water, smoke a cigarette, watch the sun, lie on a towel and watch the sky, watch swimmers, watch clouds, watch people have sex in the night. Make a movie with your phone. Dance holding your phone.

Llhortense ImMossibil/Running out of air. Where are the birds?

Llhortense ImMossibil 

The result is that the subconscious is lost (little girl rationally recognizes her fate). ROSE. 

You do surprise me and guilt is a place. Blame in your shoes. It has started, it will never stop. Ya.
How do you do it? This chaos, this 

You have travelled much, how come your world is so small? But it isn’t, you just don’t see me. I drove and drove.
Anthill, misty mountain, chill, coffee, gas station, me clothed in layers excavating like something that was. 

What about me? Nothing. Powder and make­up. Of some kind. That tower of mine, lit like a snowy tree by one intense led light, ad or something.

Protrude bulge
outward balloon bulge protrude protrudes. bulge? 

Mother of


How many bin Ladens do you make when you kill bin Laden?

(making that money.)

We don’t like those stupid and crazy. We know what is stupid and what is crazy. To eliminate those among us to hold community clean, free, happy, intact and more importantly hygienic and safe. You understand, yes. It is our right as people of God. Chosen ones, choose the ones.

Mother of Madness
Mother of Comfort
Mother of Thieves
Mother of Tears
Mother of Psychosis
Mother of Mercy
Mother of Bread
Mother of Night
Mother of the Lost
Mother of Anti-Social Tendency
Mothers of The Disappeared
Mothers of The Executed
Mothers of Tigers
Mothers of The Lonely
Mothers of Terrorists
Mothers of The Dissidents
Mothers of The Freedom Fighters
Mothers of Strangers
Mother of Suspicion
Mothers of Comfort

Blind boys running downhill. I really have witnessed it happening. Oh I have seen the Japanese garden. Fill in the blank, but I don’t think you’ll get the job, Motherfucker.

Elbows wrists, elbows wrists, a pornographic magazine under the loo carpet.
Sudden movements and sighs.

Who is that flying through the air? Cover yourself itzy bitzy spider. Limbs breaking the brisk air.

Terrible kleptomaniac spent warmly days in the sun of love. (Don’t ask for permission just do it.)

Call me anything you like, Unemployed Hashtag, Ach Scheissenheit! I’m a real hipster, which definition was quite a surprise to me. Definitely, and it is forever, class and grace of knowing what to wear.


Future of Change. I wish and work for change, to change, for a change, give me some change, change a tune for a change, change clothes, change the way you walk, change the way you live. I think about it so much it has become a mantra and I begin to play with the thought of change, the word, what it means to me, what it means to anybody. Is it difficult, because for me it is a necessity and a self-evident part of life. As I see it people are afraid of changes, especially those which demand us to give up something. Changes may have an ominous tone in them, a silent doom. Change is absolute, good and bad, profitable. There is a thought of profit in the word. To change there must be something to gain, there must be an end and a thought of a new beginning. Also economically it can be wise to learn to give instead of taking.

But in the light of everything

what happens now in the world, it looks like things do change rabidly one way or the another. To demand world to change for better is a cry. Is it too common a phrase to be taken seriously? What kind of attitudes there are in general towards changing habits, attitudes, altering ways of knowing, looking, needing, wanting and doing? It is requiring substantial volume to make dramatic changes happen, a lot of energy, focusing and learning. I say dramatic because changes to make our ways of living sustainable and wiser need a total turnover. That means a lot of work. Not looking for easy ways out, there aren’t any.