Most problems in the world are due to lack of knowledge, holding on to superstitions, prejudices, following too tightly on traditions, greed, ignorance, neglect and indifference. Understanding the circumstances, what can be done to them, what needs to be changed and what are individual tools, means, methods, gains and losses. To understand what one could do differently, to evaluate possibilities. What are my influences and how do I influence. Everyone is a role model, it matters what one does and says. Every action has a reaction.

How to make revolution in the world without killing anyone, in other words are arms and artillery necessary and to what extent? Is warfare primary cost for a nation to get built and on whose expense does this happen? There is a gigantic challenge and need to evolve peaceful. Involvement of people in making peace and understanding their part, which must go up and down on every social level and class. Ideal would be classless society. Scandinavian welfare model is more or less hopefully turning to that direction. What would that mean, what kind of progress makes society classless or is it just a utopia? It requires involvement of everyone to want that to happen. No one can think this or that is someone else’s problem. Biggest changing force on any level is money and who has it. Also what is the price of work and what is valuable work to do goes along with idea of class. What makes/gives value to working. Who makes the value and why? How is value made, how does money circulate and which part goes to public services. What kind of people use those services, what kind of reputation do public services have and how well can those services be reached. Who reaches for them, clings in them, is depended on them. The most ways we are divided are by possessions, wealth and what do we do in our lives. Family, education, gender, place of origin, habitus/habitude (bearing), ideas, thoughts, deeds, history and future plans. What kinds of plans one is able to make and achieve tells a lot about society one inhabits. 

Class and heritage which follow us are basically essential part of one’s identity, your roots and position to look from and at others and the environment. What is the perspective given (and taken)? How possibilities and advancing in life are seen in one’s class for you. What kind of mental atmosphere one’s class members make? What kind of place you are given and what kind of place you are able to take. How much effort one must see to pursue one’s dreams and individual plans. How much class and family dictates what you will become?

ability of a bumble bee to stay still in the air (must be a love controller)

fuckingstupidwhore what did you say?

What is the nature of a revolution? an answer to violent oppressive situation, an instant modification of an unjust state of things, solution stop collapse event invention demand energy belief clash bash dash cash wash hash

nature is it keeps moving, biscuit to bite, crumbling


could be like this or a grasshopper jumping,,,hi public enemy number one, scary shit (hey Alibaba show your tits)

isn’t it a contradiction? what a shame, they are doing it so well. lol hands up what’s the contradiction you mentioned? I really don’t get it,,,,well, it is the same like posing to be something you aren’t, doing something else than you say kinda thingy, you get me

art iz nice

What this?

BANG! you not a tellolist? yes i am a tellolist bewale i gonna show my haily ass

Maailmanlaajuisesti suositut puheenaiheet


This is fine. Fascist means/measures/technics in the arts are openly tolerated and used to control and use the market to get the most profit. Why they are particularly fascist is this: artists are under surveillance, control and observation, which I see as bullying. Stereotypes of artists live on and mostly it is fault of their own. Arrogance of the system is kept alive by curators, gallerists, art dealers and artists themselves. It is most odd because art is suppose to be a free zone of expression, but it is not. It is a zone of ill. It makes me very sad. And to say artists are like that, can be like that make sure nothing changes.

ai nii joo pitikin laittaa vielä tähän tamperelaisesta kulttuurista sen verran että täällä puhkaistaan renkaat, katkaistaan ketjut ja sirotellaan lasia pyöräteille.

nii. oliko muuta. normi meno.


Future of Change. I wish and work for change, to change, for a change, give me some change, change a tune for a change, change clothes, change the way you walk, change the way you live. I think about it so much it has become a mantra and I begin to play with the thought of change, the word, what it means to me, what it means to anybody. Is it difficult, because for me it is a necessity and self-evident part of life. As I see it people are afraid of changes, especially those which demand us to give up something. Changes may have an ominous tone in them, silent doom. Change is absolute, good and bad, profitable. There is a thought of profit in the word. To change there must be something to gain, there must be an end and a thought of a new beginning. Also economically it can be wise to learn to give instead of taking.

But in the light of everything

what happens now in the world, it looks like things do change rabidly one way or the another. To demand world to change for better is a cry. Is it too common a phrase to be taken seriously? What kind of attitudes there are in general towards changing habits, attitudes, altering ways of knowing, looking, needing, wanting and doing? It is requiring substantial volume to make dramatic changes happen, a lot of energy, focusing and learning. I say dramatic because changes to make our ways of living sustainable and wiser need a total turnover. That means a lot of work. Not looking for easy ways out, there aren’t any.

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“secondo me riguarderemo un sacco di immagini photoshoppate fra qualche anno e le troveremo ridicole. Io lo uso per la verita’ ma cerco comunque di mantenere le caratteristiche della persona. Certo che se ti ritrovi un brufolo gigante in fronte te lo tolgo a meno che non stia fotografando una storia su un brufolo! :-)”

but i have no expectations see what happens, is there heaven or hell, hmmm.

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“but i like it henna :-)”

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“I prefer from her ¨I´m coming out¨, it´s a perfect song to wake up to. Try it. It´s an order.”Catherine Tate- Earnshaw kommentoi käyttäjän Mustafa Sabbagh linkkiä.

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“Looove the music, is so exiting, I want to go and see what’s happening outside, where the sun in shining in…or, stay in the dark with the artist who’s playing this music…think I’ll take option 2….1001 Nights…”

as it goes suicide is lethal


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opssssssssssssss,,,we both not a liars 🙂

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