It can be wonderful, it will be. And yes I really mean it. Mad housewife era legs apart in standing position in front of the microphone guilty of wearing a black T-shirt. Oo la laa.

♥Path of making human rights happen is and has been long and dangerous, too long I must add, but it is worth walking for many reasons. Behind the claims for human rights is thought of human worth as such, it goes without questioning. Appreciation for life as possession is based on assumption, knowledge and belief a person has worth as irreplaceable individual, unique miracle. Yes you are a unique miracle! Mixing religion into it – life is God-given and it is not people’s place to judge, torture or end someone’s life. Uniqueness is a fact, beauty of life despite horrors and bullshit is precious.

There, now we can begin to think God’s starting points in creating us. Why on Earth? Must be a mistake.

Questions of human’s duties, responsible decent human being does tasks of everyday life to survive. In that sense life is more about responsibilities than rights. I think this from my point of view that duties are to sustain life of mine, my family and make lives of my fellow citizens more comfortable. 

Questions on human rights, how are they fought, gained and sustained. Rights? Do I have nothing but rights, what about responsibilities, duties. What is my duty as a human being now to do? What can I say to cyber bullies for example? Go fuck yourselves.

Those who have responsibilities in the making and taking can be called active members of an evolving society. Responsible society takes care of its members, but also makes responsible. People who know their responsibilities. How do they become to know what is expected of them? Is it a question of education, learning from example? 

It is of course give and take. Pleasure and nuisance.

Learning and acknowledging emotional me and emotional us and the very fact of our irrational nature.

Vulnerability of man. It would be very brave to show it, especially for a man. It would be brave to tell what kind of person I really am, he really is, what hurts me, what hurts him. How have I been hurt. To cry in front of someone. Strength is the other issue that goes hand in hand with vulnerability, accepting flaws and weaknesses, to make human appear in different light. Features that are seen as errors, begin to wonder why. Frailty to be accepted and found as undeniable part of human being. We are in the habit of correcting others and ourselves to fit the image of perfection.

How essential is it for me to understand myself before I can learn to understand the other? Very. What is the irrational part here?

Where have all the Flowers gone? Fight of the Feminists, Feminism the ugly bad word. Why I feel so strongly about this is because anyone in her right mind would, secondly is because I am that girl. There has been a substantial amount of discrimination against me, diminishing me as a woman, artist, worker and as a person. There is no end to that until someone puts an end to that.

Women and girls make up half of the human population of the world. But they represent a staggering 70% of the world’s poor. Poor education, healthcare, nutrition, violence remain the main obstacles for women to empower themselves and their families. In many countries baby girls aren’t welcomed, they get aborted or killed when young. Due to latest news there are 60 Million girls missing in India alone because of gender inequality and sex selective abortion. It is a silent genocide happening everyday. Things change all too slowly and why is that? In many respects there is not much respect for women to educate, to let them speak for themselves, let them take the lead if they choose to. As it happens even women do not respect sex of their own. Sex selective abortion is one of many appalling ways to hate female sex. But how we are appalled by hate without noticing hate we carry ourselves. What I mean by that?

What is a woman? I work all my life to be respected as an equal person, and I have to work for it. Is that why I work, to be respected? It is in some sense understandable in some not. Literally to work my ass off to do that, get it. How I see it I stand alone. Woman who has guts to speak her mind and do things her way is an oddity, a target. I cherish my oddity. Is there respect for anything if there is constant doubt? Without trust there is no respect. BANG!


The Red Song Book1932The Socialist Rebel Song Book1934Negro Songs of Protest 1936 Dorian Lynskey, History of protest songs, 33 revolutions per minute, 2010

What kind of an impact struggles of working-class have had to this day we live now, and how much are our struggles similar to those fought, different than those going on today that are, were fought, are being fought. Paycheck, length of the working day, working conditions, safety issues, holidays, paternity and maternity leaves, kinder gardens, schooling for children of working-class families, inexpensive and decent housing, democratic institutions, inexpensive healthcare, equal rights for everyone to live a good life, possibilities to study and work. Welfare that offers chances to grab life instead of losing it. Those who cannot take care of themselves are taken care of. It is a long list of benefits that must be taken into consideration to make a sustainable and equal welfare state.

”Work and pray, live on hay/ You’ll get pie in the sky when you die” The Preacher and The Slave, 1911
“Heaven above, and ours Hell right here ,I ain’t a Communist necessarily, but I’ve been in the red all my life.”

Political message into the arena of entertainment, books I imagine in my hand, small, worn out with yellowish smelly pages, the on going rebel, on going inspiration of coal miners, their wives, copper miners, their wives, textile workers, their husbands, Me inspired by Woody Guthrie, This Land Is your Land, 1944. ”I am out to sing songs that will prove to you that this is your world..that make you take pride in yourself and your work” Woody Guthrie’s mission statement which he read on the radio 1944 in his weekly show on New York’s WNEW.

This is a kind of Poem, this is a kind of scribbles, I end up seeing the same thing, a pattern, but I cannot put my finger on it 

 “Failed to quicken the pulse, Ella May Wiggins who was shot dead during the Gastonia textile strike 1929, hero of the left. Message belonged to whoever stuck a flag on it. And increasingly the flag was red.” “common man full of bad luck and violent ends.”Dorian Lynskey, History of protest songs, 33 revolutions per minute, 2010

Violent beginnings, startling start, I took these words from this book I found added them here next to my words, I gave words back to you, you do what you can with them.

What has happened to a worker before? What happens to a worker now?

Is he/she called a worker anymore, the proletarian, or is it employee, staff, labourer. We have short history of couple of industrial revolutions in a row during which many other kinds of revolutions have taken place. Feminist movement, sexual revolution, contraception, women’s right to go to work and have a career. We are still fighting for that right on many levels. But all in all women’s right’s have taken big steps forwards globally, lots is still to be done.

We have gaps and barriers to block, what do they open? What we want to stay hidden? Hidden how? Trying to comprehend modern guilt, excluding, grouping, friendship, forming of identity and feeling of being lost.

Are categories of taste obvious? They exist no matter what, they exist because people like different things, there is nothing but difference, or do we categorize to taste, make things simpler, to make the distinction more obvious, to tell what we are and what we are not. Good or bad? Is that it?

Is it too obvious what is mainstream? It is popular, popularity, liked, listened, watched, enjoyed, consumed, used, available, everywhere, inescapable, to be there, but I am here and I want to know what is me.

Marginal is opposite to most of that or all of that. Where is outside it is allowed to get uncomfortable, invent. What kind of people follow, what kind of talk follows. Labeling, putting people into groups, it has a role. It has a distinct part in individualizing us to be one but not, because we want to be unique and state it, identities of ours fight against community wanting to be part of the fun active buzz as strong individuals excluding community or forgetting what community does and could be. Quite a contradiction and battle.