Thinking you know

I trust these Greek fucks shit l 268km 9,30, state of a nation, state of the continent. Do you think baking pizza is humiliating?
Chanting singing getting lucky, going there, looking environment you have got
humble MFer with a big ass dick, how you live your day, day-to-day. Why do you ask? Chanting psychotic autism, repetition, asses wobbling. I trust these Greek fucks shit. Laughter. Someone selling magazines calls. 0440337474.
How someone so beautiful AHAHAHAHAHA  For Euro crisis are there any words left? Is it a modern crime or something that has happened always just getting an enormous scale?
That trustworthy look. Happen something like this. To get lucky. I don’t think you did. Change is the only absolute, if it happens crashing then it just does. Modern crime, arrogance, your clothes don’t hide it. They make it worse.