More lessons in life, please contact, because I really need to be taught a lesson or two.

Emotions are forces to be used creating good, like art. For what I know, rage and showing your anger can purify the air and bring new dimensions to your relationships between human beings, those beings who walk on two legs, smoke tobacco and say Fuck you, I do what I fucking like. It is good also not to hide what you feel, like nowadays showing feelings other than nice is prohibited and seen as vulgar. To wake you up – you people are fucking vulgar dot! I like to act differently, it’s refreshing. And showing what you feel makes you healthier. RAGE!! Because all things that happen don’t please sometimes, naturally normal. I feel all kinds of emotions and I also like to show them. Again repeating myself. Don’t misinterpret anger to hate, they are close, but still I cannot say I hate anyone anymore, at least very long. When I was young I was more black and white. Don’t be afraid. You should be able to apologise, if you have hurt someones feelings. But yes, hate is a feeling, an important one. Don’t misuse it.

This is Dr. Love for you all good people out there. FEEL! Enjoy life. Have a barbecue. Sending loving waves to all over the Globe. Cheerios. (Me, Poisonous? Only when necessary, Darling.):) Ask me anything. I want to be of an assistance, I mean help to you. H