Among many things that are fucked up homelessness is the one that is on the list of immediate to deal with and abolish.

It has been something that I feel very strongly about. Everybody has a right to have a home. It is a human right and therefore an acute issue for governments to take action over since it is a serious human right violation and a kind of bottom from where it is difficult to get up on one’s own. It is a duty of nations to provide affordable housing for their citizens. It is the least you can and must do. To comprehend why this is not happening is extremely difficult, but I try. Why do we have nations? What are nations for other than making profit for the rich, for corporation, to provide cheap labor, infrastructure and tax money to exploit? Since it is Christmas time and according to latest statistics in Great Britain alone there are thousands of homeless people, we are obligated to act upon it, to help. Those who are the lucky ones and have roofs over their heads, who have means to do something, what can you do?

What would be the most helpful thing is to radically lower prices of rents, to regulate how much is the limit above which prices do not go. Housing is an area of business in which people ruthlessly exploit lives and livelihoods. When paycheck is not enough to pay the rent government is not doing its job. Extortion and rip off that is what is going on and is outrageous, wrong and unjust. “Nobody should be in the streets; that is the problem with this whole thing,” said Sandy Perry, a minister and outreach worker with the Affordable Housing Network who has been at the Jungle daily trying to help. While he agrees that the Jungle, with its piles of garbage, buckets of human waste and now rising creek waters, “is not a nice place to live,” Mr. Perry said the city ought to have a better plan for homeless people in general.

More than a few of the encampment residents said they were victims of rent increases. Yvonne Vabiseo grew up in San Jose and had a job and an apartment until recently. “I worked at Dollar Tree,” she said. “I had a car and my own place.” She lost her job just as her rent was raised, prodding her into homelessness.”