Drawing is a test which is what makes drawing intimidating, if you think it is a test. If you think it is a method of finding it will be something more. It is evidence of something and unpredictable when it is an unknown practise. Lines don’t always go the way you want. How do you find the perfect line?

Children draw intuitively from the minute they take a pencil in hand after having put pencil in mouth, after having chewed and tasted the tool, after having trashed the paper. To see what those tools do, what can be done with them. When drawing becomes very controlled technique to master or not master and one can become scared of being judged, scared of paper, scared of someone looking because of flaws are there, because results are not impeccable. I guess it is the same with singing. We can be scared of showing our voice and flaws we may make when we let loose our voice. To repeat something seen as it is seen, how does it happen and what do we see? Do we see the same when we do not experience the same? Beauty of hand-drawn mark, image made which is unique, line which is unique, uniqueness is the beauty which machines rarely can achieve. To be scared of making and creating line of your own is to be scared of your uniqueness which is different in comparison to others and think there is something wrong and flawed with your mark and personal voice.