So accordion play me that song again, you know Buona Notte by Paula Koivuniemi. Ei tarvi piilotella ihmisen varsinaista luontoaan, niin miks ihmeessä. Olkaa kauniita, vartalot taipumaan. If you think I’m cold, you probably don’t know anything about coldness. Most importantly you don’t know me. What did she say?

Here I would also like to say that I’m very sorry for people who cannot apologise and people who cannot admit their wrongdoings. What comes to hate, it really is a creative force. Don’t deny the feeling. Think. Use it to make music etc. DO NOT VIOLATE ANYONE. You do not like what i do, don’t. As an artist i want to have the right to do my art, if it offends you, it’s probably from Satan, my art. I want to comment the world that i see and face. It’s not a very pretty sight. Haven’t you noticed? If showing my tongue offends you, I’d like to know why. It’s an ugly gesture, ugly tongue, yay. Is it just that, personal. Wasn’t my meaning. Is it something else, You figure it out, You’re the geniuses. If you Like to comment me is the place. Seriously, I should photograph my open mouth more often. It fucking kicks ass.

ps. Friend is a meaningful word, meaningful person, don’t throw her in the air just like that, like shit. She doesn’t like empty words, hoping friendship has a higher purpose still, some other than connection to any career. Friend. Henna ethän sä ole tellolisti.