What are the methods for personal growth? Pointing a finger? Depending on where you point at and what does it mean.

How do we measure growth and what is the goal? To be a good, valuable person can mean what is your net worth and worth in the eyes of others. Amount of appreciation is shown in many ways as is contempt… Are you worthy of trust, being liked, appreciation on your field of expertise, an individual who is a knowledgable master and someone to look up to? Public opinion defines a lot, but is it trustworthy and where does it lead us or is meant to lead us? Personal growth as we perceive it and examine via where we come from and where we should aim at is tricky and looks can be deceiving. What is the essence of us that is to be cultivated, what is the good to be had, what do we think we are capable of and what could be the unknowns to reach out for. What is the starting point and what are the possibilities there for us, for anyone, individual potential and our interests leading the way: are we what we look like, where we come from?

How we perceive our individual growth as human beings is a matter of other people not only us, their influence on us which is not to be underestimated. To know your worth comes from others on large part till we recognise ourselves and our individuality. How necessary growth/change is in terms of one’s place, making a living, how it all happens for you what is the happening of life, what is possible and living a decent life, what we want of life, what it becomes to be by you and what does it mean in terms of effort and measuring growth, spiritual, personal, financial, whatever growth there is and what is the worth/value of making, looking like, connecting etc. Is our growth visible, measurable in material, how do we feel the change around and in us as we do change all the time? What is it to be liked for us, how much we yearn to be successful and likeable? Do we believe in ourselves via other people’s approval, what other people say and think seems to be of the essence, a matter of appreciating life is to belong, what do we appreciate in life and how of our own it can be made? Do we fit in and is that what makes us happy and life worth living? What is the needed change here and there and how change happens other than via consumption and visual validation and belonging? To look good means you feel good and are well? Is change something to be afraid of as it can be unwanted and a bad thing, to change into what? How misery changes us, makes us grow, do we accept it as part of life or do we get bitter? What is personal growth worth when the best thing to do is imitate? How can such and such life be had, what is the cost and which qualities do we like seeing in us and others, are we growing with the world or is the world growing small?